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On Demand Learning: Start From The End Goal


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On Demand Learning: Start From The End Goal

What We Know, What We’re Learning

Recently, the emphasis seems to have shifted from “education” to “learning”. As millions of professionals, especially underrepresented talent, look to pivot careers and hone new skills, they are looking outside of traditional educational systems. In 2021, women now make up 52% of new registered users on the e-learning platform in 2021, compared with 47% in 2019. Why are we seeing this change, how should businesses shift their requirements and how can we ensure the future of work includes everyone? Join Khadija Khartit, founder of Fujn, an integrated app for women around the world, to learn and earn, for this insightful conversation. Khadija has over 20 years of experience in management, consulting, investment banking, and tech strategy across 4 continents and is eager to bring those insights to you.

Khadija Khartit

Bridget Finkeldey

Khadija is the founder of Fujn, an integrated app for women, around the world, to learn and earn. Fujn fuses learning with earning to boost women’s minds and wallets. Fujn wants to help narrow the gender and allow women access to lives of dignity and fulfillment. The existing systems around the world have holes where women’s talent and lives are wasted. So, we designed a fused system that molds around the nature of women’s lives, and we are building it, one step at a time. Khadija has over 27 years of experience in management, consulting, investment banking, and tech strategy across 4 continents. She teaches at Cornell and is the chair of the fintech master’s program at Brandeis University. She is also on the financial review board with Investopedia. Khadija started her career in key positions with multinational companies such as Shell Oil, Akzo Nobel, and American Airlines. She worked in the Oil, Gas, and Electricity sectors. She then transitioned to corporate finance in the US where she worked in the power sector M&A and UBS investment banking. Her experience in capital markets spans 10 years in investment banking, mergers, and acquisitions, equity, and debt capital markets, private equity, and venture capital. Since 2015, Khadija has advised tech startup founders on strategy. Their verticals covered FinTech, EdTech, Medtech, Adtech, ConTech, PropTech, and E-commerce. Khadija is a Fulbright scholar and graduated Summa or Magna Cum Laude in her degrees. She holds an MBA from OSU and an MSF from BC. She passed CFA level 2. She is fluent in Arabic, French, and English. Khadija is passionate about teaching and mentoring the next generations of leaders and makers of all genders. And of course, she made enabling women her core mission.

Hunter Canning

Bridget Finkeldey Hunter Canning is a New York based performer, public speaker and events moderator. A conscience citizen of the world, his ethos is bringing people together through all the facets of life. Be it producing live performance or creating corporate recruitment content; Hunter has a passion for bringing people together to foster growth, kindness and a true understanding of each other.

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