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RECORDING: Disabilities In Virtual Workplaces


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RECORDING: Disabilities In Virtual Workplaces


Join Patricia Walsh, author of 'Blind Ambition: How to Envision Your Limitless Potential', in conversation with Mary Lipscomb and Svetlana Kouznetsova, to focus in on disabilities in the workplace. The conversation will be moderated by Diversability CEO Tiffany Yu. Patricia Walsh is the Technology Product Director at Dow Jones. Patricia is also a Paralympic champion, and five-time USA Triathlon national champion. Mary Lipscomb is a Program Manager of Diversity at CVS Health. Mary’s work at CVS Health primarily focuses on individuals with disabilities. She is dedicated to delivering strategic, creative, and diverse recruitment strategies, ensuring CVS Health has the best-in-class recruiting model. Svetlana Kouznetsova is an independent accessibility strategy consultant based in NYC area. Sveta has worked with businesses for over 10 years to make their web, media, and events usable and accessible to more people. Tiffany Yu is the CEO & founder of Diversability, an award-winning social enterprise to rebrand disability through the power of community and the founder of the Awesome Foundation Disability Chapter, which awards monthly micro-grants to disability projects ($37.5k to 38 projects in 8 countries).

Tiffany Yu (She/Her)

Ayla Morwin

LinkedIn Top Voice in Disability Advocacy | Founder & CEO of Diversability | 3x TEDx Speaker | Well+Good Changemaker, TikTok Trailblazer | Previously: Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, REVOLT

Svetlana Kouznetsova (She/Her)

Ayla Morwin

Your product and customers are important. Research shows that 97% of websites and digital products fail at user experience and accessibility, suffer from frustrated users and poor conversion rates, and inflate costs to businesses. I can help you make your product user-friendly and ensure that it satisfies both your business and user needs and increases sales by:
- Identifying your product's value, enhancing product positioning and improving product profitability;
- Helping you better understand your customer needs and develop creative solutions to increase value;
- Working with you to create, develop, and maintain a clear product vision, strategy, and roadmap throughout a project's life cycle.

When talking about diversity and inclusion, often people with disabilities are dismissed despite being the world’s largest minority. They make up over 1 billion people worldwide which is the population size of China! I provide customized consulting services, training sessions, and workshops to business owners, media producers, corporations, educational institutions, event organizers on how to make their websites, media, events accessible so that everyone is included and your message can reach a larger audience. In addition to this, I’m a founder of Audio Accessibility and work with clients on making their podcasts, videos, and events accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people via high quality captioning and other communication access services.

Patricia Walsh (She/Her)

Ayla Morwin

Patricia is the Principal Technology Product Director and Engineering Manager for Dow Jones Professional Information Business. She is also the author of “Blind Ambition: How to Envision Your Limitless Potential” and has delivered keynotes on the topic of goal achievement to schools, conferences, corporate audiences, as well as fundraisers.

Mary Lipscomb (She/Her)

Ayla Morwin

Mary is a Program Manager of Diversity at CVS Health, with a primary focus on Individuals with Disabilities. She is dedicated to delivering strategic, creative and diverse recruitment strategies, ensuring CVS Health has a best-in-class recruiting model.

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