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Reducing the Gender Wage Gap: Getting Parental Leave Right


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Reducing the Gender Wage Gap: Getting Parental Leave Right

DEIB Business Solutions Summit

90% of the gender wage gap is attributable to parenthood, which stalls and often derails the careers of birthing people. How a company addresses — or doesn’t address — employees welcoming a new child will dictate career outcomes for years to come, and it’s easy for employers to get it wrong. Join Dirk Doebler, former CFO, founder and CEO of Parento, the first and only provider for paid parental leave insurance, to discuss best practices to craft a holistic paid parental leave policy and approach for working parents. Equitable parental leave policies can not only retain birthing people in the workforce, but support them on their career paths, while still considering budget concerns.

Dirk Doebler

Bridget Finkeldey

Dirk Doebler is committed to helping businesses capture the missing $12 trillion in global growth (McKinsey) by reducing the 43% of highly-skilled women who leave the workforce after becoming a mother. Prior to founding Parento, Dirk held roles in the finance and the consumer wellness industries, serving as CFO at the women-founded Dame Products. During his time at Dame Products, he played a key role in strategy development and execution to grow annual revenue 10x and achieve profitability with minimal outside equity. Prior to Dame Products, Dirk worked at Barclays and in Analytics at Sikorsky. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with degrees in Economics and Finance.

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