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Supporting Marginalized, Intersectional Identities


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Supporting Marginalized, Intersectional Identities

Celebrating Global Asian and Pacific Islander Identities

Are you confident that you know what intersectionality means? Are you sure? Well, if not, not to worry. Urooj Arshad, expert in international LGBTQIA+ Program Management, Grant Making, and Capacity Building, is here to brush us up on our intersectionality definitions. In this talk, Urooj will talk about how our intersecting identities impact our career trajectories, and the supports that we can reach out to for help.

Tags: Intersectionality, LGBTQIA+, career support

Urooj Arshad

Bridget Finkeldey

Urooj Arshad (she/her) has 23 years of experience advocating for LGBTQI+ rights. She has designed and implemented programs on local, national and global levels, which has led to Urooj becoming a sought out speaker and trainer on these issues.

Additionally, Urooj has experience in foundation and federal grants management, organizational and program development, strategic planning, fundraising, and philanthropic advocacy.

Urooj has been recognized for her work in advancing the rights of LGBTQ Muslims. She mobilized resources and developed programs for several initiatives, including two programs at Advocates for Youth, the Muslim Youth Leadership Council (MyLC) and the International LGBTQ Youth Health and Rights Program at Advocates for Youth, as well as the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity (MASGD).

As a continuously developing leader, Urooj has expanded her skills through many opportunities, including a fellowship with the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (AMCLI), a Public Voices fellowship with the OpEd Project, participation in two Center for American Progress programs—the Women’s Health Leadership Network and the Faith and Reproductive Justice Institute—as well as a national convening of Muslim thought-leaders hosted by the Harvard University’s Alwaleed Islamic Studies Program.

Leveraging relationship building to bring about tangible changes, Urooj secured groundbreaking investments of over $1 million in 2017, to serve LGBTQ Muslim youth and LGBTQI+ youth in the global south.

Urooj currently serves as the Senior Program Manager, Dignity for All, LGBTQI+ Assistance Program at Freedom House. Dignity for All provides emergency assistance; security, opportunity, and advocacy rapid response grants (SOAR grants); and security assessment and training to human rights defenders and civil society organizations under threat or attack due to their work for LGBTQI+ human rights.

Her work has been featured in Teen Vogue, NBC News, The Oprah Magazine and USA Today. Urooj was invited to speak at the Obama White House’s Pride and Heritage event in 2011 and served on the 59th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2015.

Meg Alexander

Bridget Finkeldey

Meg Alexander joined the PowerToFly community as a job-seeker in 2014, eventually landing her first remote role working for PowerToFly's Delivery Team. Her professional experience includes roles as a Talent Advocate, Head of Purchasing for a window factory, audiobook publishing, & more than 5 years as a paralegal. She has a bachelor's degree in Art History from Indiana University (mint condition, never been used!), where she also earned a varsity letter for Women's Rowing. She loves DIY projects and will never say no to french fries. She lives in Toledo, OH with her husband Aaron, an engineering technician, and their dogs, Radar & Cake.

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