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The “C” Word: Building up the courage to lead with compassion


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The “C” Word: Building up the courage to lead with compassion

What We Know, What We’re Learning

The word compassion is met with so much push back in corporate spaces we’ve dubbed it The “C” Word. Why does compassion have so many leaders running scared? The biggest obstacle to embracing compassion as a core element of leadership is fear. Fear that empathy will be mistaken for weakness. Fear that kindness will hinder successful outcomes. Fear that vulnerability will become a vulnerability. (All justifiable because it happens!) So, how do we be strong, effective and respected leaders when we know today’s challenges require the fresh approach of compassionate leadership? In this talk, Compassion and Confidence expert Magalie René will debunk the “C” Word and connect the dots between empathy, empowerment, and boundaries for those who are ready to effectively lead with compassion. After all, the future of work is compassionate.

Magalie René

Bridget Finkeldey

Magalie René, Confidence and Compassion Expert, Executive Coach, CEO of Workplace Catalyst and host of The “C” Word miniseries. Magalie has been featured on Good Morning America, CBS News, Forbes, Cosmopolitan Magazine and more. An inspiring speaker, master facilitator, and transformational coach, she teaches people how to find the confidence to take big leaps forward, enjoy the journey of success, and make a big difference in the world. Workplace Catalyst delivers Compassionate Leadership Development for wellbeing and belonging in the workplace. Magalie has worked with Fortune 500 companies and clients including Publicis Groupe, Senator Mark Kelly, Kaiser Permanente, Live Nation, Cal Tech, Eventbrite. When she’s not speaking, writing, show-hosting or coaching on confidence and compassion, you can find the native Brooklynite on a walk, in her cities of residence (Los Angeles and Palm Springs) with her dog Prince.

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