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Using Nonviolent Communication in a Violent World


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Using Nonviolent Communication in a Violent World

Pride: Championing LGBTQIA+ Leaders & Allies

We often think of violence as something visible, but it can be surprisingly subtle and more pervasive than we think. Join model and activist Rain Dove as they explain how violence operates, and how to harness nonviolent communication to resolve conflict in the workplace and beyond.

Rain Dove

Bridget Finkeldey

"A human being human”- RainDove is an afab gender-free LGBTQ voice, talent and activist featured in Buzzfeed, Elle, CNN, NBC, Grazia and more. Recipient of the 2021 Alan Turing Award for Excellence in Leadership and featured TEDx Speaker on gender equality. A person known for modeling all gender expressions, Rain wears women’s, mens and everything non labeled. Their work in conflict resolution has been highlighted internationally. RainDove has spoken at over 40 schools and universities on varying topics from homelessness (which they have experienced themselves), mental health, identity, poverty, positivity and conflict resolution. Lastly, Rain operates a successful charity called SafeBow which evacuates vulnerable people out of active war zones.

Gabby Fricke

Ayla Morwin

An experienced project coordinator and manager with specialties in content and leadership development through various training and workshop settings. Skilled in developing tools and analytics for new system implementation. Knowledgeable on diversity, equity, and inclusion principles including cultural competency, allyship, unconscious bias, intercultural communication, and employee relations. My passions are greatly found in social and racial justice, equity, empowerment, and advocacy.

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