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Audacity to Dream


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Audacity to Dream

What We Know, What We’re Learning

The Audacity To Dream will challenge your perspective on what it means to be successful at work. Through a candid and interactive conversation, Lexi B, founder of Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech, works with participants to define their overall life goals and how to utilize their corporate jobs to build their own dreams. Lexi B is a dynamic and entertaining orator who uses common sense, comedy, and compassion to plant powerful (actionable!) seeds in the minds and hearts of all who hear her.

Lexi B

Sanmaya Mohanty

Alexandria Noel Butler, affectionately known as Lexi B, is considered one of Silicon Valley’s candid and prominent voices. Her thought provoking advice and opinions on how to create a more equitable work environment stem from her own experiences working in some of the most popular tech companies. In April 2017, Lexi B founded Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech, a community that supports Black women in tech companies and tech related professions. This 10,000+ international community has partnered with organizations such as Phenomenally, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and Slack. Lexi’s main mission is to inspire people to create their desired life journey by understanding their purpose and life goals. She is a former Stanford Black Alumni Association Board Member and National Leadership Council Fellow.

Hunter Canning

Bridget Finkeldey Hunter Canning is a New York based performer, public speaker and events moderator. A conscience citizen of the world, his ethos is bringing people together through all the facets of life. Be it producing live performance or creating corporate recruitment content; Hunter has a passion for bringing people together to foster growth, kindness and a true understanding of each other.

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