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Becoming an Equality Leader: How I Found My Community in Tech


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Becoming an Equality Leader: How I Found My Community in Tech

PRIDE: Championing LGBTQIA+ Leaders & Allies

Angie has been involved in Business Resource Groups (BRG) for her entire career in tech, and recently got more involved on a leadership level for the last four years with Salesforce’s BRG for LGBTQIA+ employees: Outforce. All of this work has culminated in being elected Outforce’s first woman president in 2023, leading a global community of over 9,000 members. Join Angie as she shares more about her journey to Equality Leadership, and the community she has helped build along the way.

Angie Delk (She/Her)

Bridget Finkeldey

Angie is the first woman president of Outforce, Salesforce's internal Business Resource Group for LGBTQIA+ people. She wants to use her unique perspective as a bi+ woman to bring more visibility and support to underrepresented communities. Angie’s goal is to better integrate Outforce Women+ and the Trans & Gender-Nonconforming Group into Global Outforce and strengthen Outforce’s partnerships with other Business Resource Groups. Together with her team, she is creating an inclusive environment by inviting diverse genders to be involved in Outforce Presidential Council and taking an intentional and intersectional approach to global events. She is excited to speak at the Power to Fly Pride Summit to celebrate the special ways our identities intersect and to allow allies to learn and build empathy.

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