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Best Practices for Communications Tech Use


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Best Practices for Communications Tech Use

The Future Of Work - The Remote and Hybrid Office

More and more job descriptions require experience using advanced functions of Zoom, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, there are products coming down the pipeline that might become commonplace in the future, such as the Metaverse. How can professionals upskill their communications technologies skills, and how can remote and hybrid companies know which products are right for them? Join Dr. Alanah Mitchell, Aliber Distinguished Associate Professor and Chair of Information Management and Business Analytics at Drake University, as she discusses best practices and what communications technologies might look like in the workplace of the future.

Alanah Mitchell

Bridget Finkeldey

Dr. Alanah Mitchell is the Aliber Distinguished Associate Professor and Chair of Information Management and Business Analytics at Drake University. She is an experienced teacher, researcher, and consultant in relation to the design, implementation, and use of information and communication technologies for collaboration, specifically in global virtual teams. Dr. Mitchell has worked with the U.S. Strategic Command Center, Principal Financial Group, General Mills, and a number of other Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Additionally, Dr. Mitchell serves as an expert for news media outlets including Business Record, Forbes, and Washington Post, in addition to others.

Maryella Marie

Sanmaya Mohanty

Maryella Marie [she/her] is a renaissance womxn and social impact multimedia producer who has spent a decade working with diverse technologists, independent artists, and divergent innovators across the globe to deepen their audiences’ emotional intelligence.

You can find her at The Positive Force Team curating and facilitating masterclasses and workshops centered around emotional intelligence, equity, and creative leadership; producing mindful collaborations between artists and organizations in the Americas to build bridges and inspire positive social impact, and creative directing the “Brainwashing” radio series featuring counter-culture conversations, storytelling, ASMR, and independent music from heart-full thought-leaders, visionaries, and independent artists around the world.

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