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Can Technology Be Discriminatory and Unfair?


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Can Technology Be Discriminatory and Unfair?

Amplifying Black Excellence

Initially, Sylvia Mukasa always assumed technology was used to do good - solving the problems and challenges humanity faces. She never realized that there is a dark side of technology and how deep the roots go. While technology has contributed to making life easier (like using mobile money, shopping online, making robotics arms for the disabled etc), technology has also been used to discriminate. In many ways, technology uses the very things that define us (our race, age, gender, sexuality, etc), to deny access to opportunities, services, control power and to commit other injustices/unfair practices. In this chat, Sylvia, Founder/CEO, GlobalX Investments Ltd/ GlobalX Innovation Labs. wants you to walk away with: a basic understanding of what AI is - with a focus on Algorithms, examples of how Al can be discriminatory, and actionable steps on how to combat this problem.

Sylvia Mukasa

Sanmaya Mohanty

An award-winning entrepreneur, Sylvia is Founder/CEO of GlobalX Investments Ltd/GlobalX Innovation Labs. GlobalX feeds into the innovation pipeline by closing the skills, funding and digital transformation gaps. In 2021, CIO Africa listed her among 35 Most Influential Women in Tech in Africa. In 2020, CIO East Africa listed her under 30+ Most Influential Women in Tech. She was also named 2020 Techpreneur of the Year- Over 30 in the Founder of the Year Awards (FOYA) East Africa. She has served as Country Co-Founder/Chapter Lead (Kenya) for Women in Tech Africa (WiTA), the largest female technology focused group in Africa and 2018 winner of the UN’s EQUALS in Tech Award, Leadership Category. Sylvia is a TechWomen Fellow, a Silicon Valley STEM program run by the US Department of State; launched by Hillary Clinton, former US Secretary of State. TechWomen empowers, connects and supports the next generation of women leaders in STEM from Africa, Central & South Asia, and the Middle East. Her role in the global and Kenya’s tech and entrepreneurship ecosystem earned her a special mention in the closing speech of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya by Maria Contreras-Sweet, former US Government’s Lead Minister on Entrepreneurship. She is an equity, diversity and inclusion advocate with a passion for gender, responsible technology and racial equity.

Anastasia Rab

Bridget Finkeldey

I'm an Account Executive passionate about helping companies take actionable steps to tackle their gender parity and inclusion problems. I enjoy working with clients that are ready to marry their rhetoric with results.

Before starting at PowerToFly, I worked at the Council of Europe in France, the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative in Romania, and the Athena Leadership Center at Barnard College. I'm a graduate of Barnard, the women's college of Columbia University, where I earned a degree in Political Science with a minor in French.

I serve as Secretary at Razom for Ukraine, a non-profit that grows entrepreneurship and increases civic engagement in Ukraine.

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