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Ethnic Intersections Within Latinidad


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Ethnic Intersections Within Latinidad

The Diversity of Latinidad

Latinx, Latino, Hispanio, Latine — these terms can all mean widely different things. As part of the greater movement for economic and social equality of people everywhere with Latin American heritage, it’s important to recognize these differences. In this talk, Licy Do Canto, Managing Director of APCO Worldwide’s Washington DC office, and moderator Katharine Zaleski, PowerToFly’s Co-Founder and President, will discuss the ethnic intersections of latinidad, and its implications for Latinx and non-Latinx professionals.

Licy Do Canto

Patricia Ayerdis

Managing Director, Washington D.C., APCO Worldwide

Licy Do Canto, a veteran of public policy, corporate strategy, health care communications and diversity and inclusion, is managing director of APCO Worldwide's Washington D.C. office headquarters and mid-Atlantic region lead. A well respected expert in public health and health care policy, with nearly three decades of experience at the international, national, state and local levels across the nonprofit, philanthropic, corporate and government sectors, Mr. Do Canto is an accomplished, values-driven leader with unparalleled experience in developing and leading integrated public affairs campaigns combining strategic communications, public relations, political/legislative initiatives, policy, coalition building, grassroots efforts and advocacy.

Mr. Do Canto has held a wide range of positions and has worked across diverse sectors and industries over the course of his successful career, making him uniquely qualified to understand and support leaders and organization to successfully navigate both the opportunities and the diplomatic, technical, and multifaceted industry challenges with which they are confronted. Mr. Do Canto has vast inside knowledge of the Washington political process, and deep substantive experience on a wide range of public policy issues from public health, health care and social impact to immigration, trade and economic development.

Katharine Zaleski

Bridget Finkeldey

Katharine Zaleski was named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business after launching PowerToFly, the platform fast-tracking economic equality through upskilling and connecting underrepresented talent to roles in high-visibility sectors.

PowerToFly assisted two million people who came to the platform in 2021 through job opportunities, networking and virtual events across the world's largest employers.

Prior to co-founding PowerToFly, Katharine was the Founding Managing Editor of NowThis; the Executive Director of Digital for The WashingtonPost; and the sixth hire and Head of News for The Huffington Post. She writes for major publications, including The New York Times, Fortune, Forbes and Quartz and has appeared on TODAY, Good Morning America and numerous outlets. Katharine lives in New York with her family where she is a Term Member of the Council of Foreign Relations and a frequent kite-surfer on Long Island and New Jersey’s under-appreciated beaches.

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