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​How To Align Your Leadership With Your Multicultural Identity


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​How To Align Your Leadership With Your Multicultural Identity

Celebrating Global Asian and Pacific Islander Identities

As an Asian leader or professional, have you ever been mistaken for being the assistant or the secretary? Being an Asian leader often means juggling the tasks of defying stereotypes while not allowing discrimination to shake your confidence, as well as staying authentic to your own, often multicultural, identity. In this talk, Klarrisa Frank, Multicultural Leadership Coach, will offer actionable advice about how to honor your Asian identity and ambitious goals without compromising your values, the mindset shifts necessary for you to be seen and heard as a leader, and how to face the fears that keep you feeling invisible and tokenized.

Tags: leadership, culture, identity

Klarrisa Frank

Bridget Finkeldey

Klarrisa Frank (she/her) empowers multicultural leaders to own their authentic voice and power so they can make the impact they want in their life and career. She especially enjoys working with people who live and work across cultures whether that's because of their backgrounds or experiences. She does this through 1:1 coaching and customized leadership programs and workshops. Klarrisa is a first-generation Chinese multiracial American with over 15 years of leadership development experience in non-profits, startups, and international corporations. She's traveled to over 30+ countries, calling five of them home. She's originally from the west coast of the US but has been living in Amsterdam now for almost 5 years. When not working, she loves biking along the Dutch canals, taking care of her plants, and is currently exploring ceramics.

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