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Racial Gaslighting at Work: What to Do If It Happens to You


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Racial Gaslighting at Work: What to Do If It Happens to You

Amplifying Black Excellence

You find out your white colleague is making more money than you, even though you've been working there longer and do the exact same job. Or maybe you hear your boss commit yet another microaggression. Whatever the catalyst, you finally decide enough is enough and talk to someone about your experiences... only to be told it's all in your head. What do you do? How do you respond when your lived experiences of race and racism in the workplace are denied or ignored? Join us as Noelle Johnson provides space to acknowledge the harm of these experiences, and shares tools and tips for preserving your mental health and well-being while getting your desired outcome.

Noelle Johnson

Bridget Finkeldey

Noelle Johnson is a Global DEI Strategist and Trainer with over a decade of experience working in operations across industries and has been recognized for her expertise on mentorship and sponsorship. Noelle has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, NPR, and more.

Maryella Marie

Sanmaya Mohanty

Maryella Marie [she/her] is a renaissance womxn and social impact multimedia producer who has spent a decade working with diverse technologists, independent artists, and divergent innovators across the globe to deepen their audiences’ emotional intelligence.

You can find her at The Positive Force Team curating and facilitating masterclasses and workshops centered around emotional intelligence, equity, and creative leadership; producing mindful collaborations between artists and organizations in the Americas to build bridges and inspire positive social impact, and creative directing the “Brainwashing” radio series featuring counter-culture conversations, storytelling, ASMR, and independent music from heart-full thought-leaders, visionaries, and independent artists around the world.

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