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RECORDING: Building Wealth on the Blockchain


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RECORDING: Building Wealth on the Blockchain

Amplifying Black Excellence

Traditional investing has many barriers to entry and is heavily gate-kept. Cryptocurrency could be a viable solution for those who have been historically excluded from building wealth. But what’s a distributed ledger, and why is everyone talking about NFTs? Ashley Wright, co-founder of Crypto Babes and one of the leading crypto educators in Canada, is here to answer these questions and clear up misconceptions about what happens on the blockchain.

Ashley Wright

Bridget Finkeldey

Ashley is an energetic and ambitious Girlboss who quit the corporate 9-5 world to pursue her love of Crypto, travel and empowering others. She's on a mission to help others create generational wealth through Crypto and with over 8 years of experience in Business and Direct Sales, she has built a global brand with The Crypto Strategy Academy.

She leads the industry as one of the top Crypto Educators in Canada and is the co-founder of Crypto Babes, an online community for women excited to learn about crypto, which has over 22,000 members. Ashley has spoken at many conferences, was featured by "Women of Influence" and "Gal Talks Tech" and she continues to impact others.

Abigail Vachon

Sanmaya Mohanty

I work to help diverse candidates (most often women) connect with professional opportunities, and frequently am asked: "how can I best position myself when I'm looking to make a career pivot?" I love this question. It resonates with me because my own professional background, at first glance, would appear as a series of pivots: real estate, financial advising, recruiting. But the truth is -- these changes aren't random. They are a reflection of deliberate steps I've taken as I've grown and sought increasingly impactful ways to help people, especially womxn, achieve success across some of life’s fundamental responsibilities: finding the right career, finding the right home, and figuring out the “money stuff” in between.

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