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RECORDING: Tips to Build an AI-Powered Job Search Strategy


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RECORDING: Tips to Build an AI-Powered Job Search Strategy

Beyond algorithms: AI's impact on hiring, the workplace, DEIB, and beyond

Looking for a new role can be a daunting experience. But with the right use of AI, it doesn’t have to. Join our upcoming chat specifically for our community in India with Developer Relations professional, Yashovardhan Agrawal, as we explore how AI can facilitate and accelerate your career search plan. From leveraging advanced algorithms and data analysis to target the right roles to tools to enhance and tailor resumes, Yashovardhan will shed some light and clarity on how AI can be beneficial for our career development. During this chat, we’ll talk about: - Practical ways in which AI can impact our job search strategy - How AI is reshaping the job market landscape - Strategies to future-proof your career in an AI-driven job market

Yashovardhan Agrawal (He/Him)

Bridget Finkeldey

Yash is a Developer Relations professional with a knack for JavaScript. He aims to empower the developer community by helping them find a place in the welcoming world of open source and explore the technology sector from a different perspective. Currently, Yash is exploring the budding new Web3 world, while handling Developer Relations at Web3Auth, an open source, web3 authentication platform. He loves sharing his ideas through his writings or by taking sessions, hosting conferences, or being around at tech events!

He is the founder of DevRel.Page, an umbrella initiative to help students and early age professionals find their way into Developer Relations. He has been working as a DevRel consultant with various companies, including GitHub, MLH, Grouparoo, Zoomcar and many others! Notably, he has hosted some of the top international developer conferences like GitHub Universe, GitHub Satellite India, MLH Hackcon & Local Hack Day. He has given talks on open source development in 30+ institutes of India and abroad.

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