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Expedia Group’s Accessible Workplace Ecosystem


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Expedia Group’s Accessible Workplace Ecosystem

Destigmatized: Visible and invisible Disabilities and Neurodivergence

Description: Do you have accessibility parking outside your office? Great! What about a recruitment page that’s compatible with assistive technology? Or neurodivergent-inclusive approaches to onboarding? These are just some of the questions that companies with an accessible workplace ecosystem have answered, ensuring that both physical and digital spaces are accessible to everyone, and that policies exist to increase that access. Join Expedia leaders Marnie Weber, Senior Learning Specialist, and Toby Willis, Senior Product Manager for Inclusive Travel, to learn how to transform your organization into a place where your employees and clients with disabilities feel seen. Talks about: accessibility, policy

Marnie Weber

Bridget Finkeldey

Marnie Weber is a senior member of Expedia Group’s Faculty Excellence team in Learning and Development. Before joining Expedia Group over 3 years ago, Marnie had a long career at Microsoft, opened shop as a professional coach and facilitator, did some consulting, and co-curated TEDxSeattle. TEDxSeattle unleashed her inner storyteller and latent activist. Since joining Expedia Group, Marnie has described each role as her dream job. She’s currently on a mission to empower facilitators across the company to be their best, to build a sense of belonging across the company and, in her role as Global AIM IBG Vice President, break down barriers for people with disabilities. She shares Rumi’s belief that "Love is the bridge between you and everything."

Toby Willis

Bridget Finkeldey

Toby Willis is the Senior Product Manager for Inclusive Travel and Founder/President of AIM, the Ability Inclusion Movement at Expedia Group in Seattle. Toby happens to be blind due to an inherited genetic condition known as Lebers Congenital Amaurosis. However, he has overcome many barriers throughout his life and career to achieve his goals. Toby has launched two startups, earned two Master degrees and traveled the world speaking to audiences about the importance of inclusive design thinking. Speaking events include: keynote speaker at the EU Innovation Day Conference, Google UX Design Forum, Microsoft Disability Employment Symposium, TravelAbility’s Emerging Markets Summit, and the Short Stay Show in London where he spoke to vacation rental property owners and managers about how to make their homes more inclusive and accessible for travelers with various disabilities and accessibility needs.

Toby is President of the Disability Empowerment Center in Seattle and serves on the City of Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Council.

Toby has been featured in the Hartford Current, Nashville Tennessean, Seattle Times and US News and World Report.

Toby and his Dog Guide Dazzler not only knock down the social and attitudinal barriers in life, but have also summitted many of the snowy peaks in the Pacific Northwest where they call home. Toby uses his passion and experience with disabilities to raise awareness, reduce bias and build programs so that people with disabilities can live more independently, gain, retain and advance employment and fully participate in all that life has to offer.

Wendy Walker

Sanmaya Mohanty

I am a U.S. attorney turned SaaS customer success professional. Based in Argentina, my skills bridge the gap between American companies and the Argentine technology community. In my current role as an Implementation Project Manager, I help Human Resources departments at enterprise organizations implement bespoke talent acquisition software.

I have a track record of holistically supporting customers as both a Project Manager and Account Manager.

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