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Play to your strengths: Creating successful ERG’s


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Play to your strengths: Creating successful ERG’s


Employee Resource Groups (ERG) can be a valuable resource for elevating the voices of underrepresented team members. A successful ERG can set the standard for DEIB and culture within a company but first, you have to make sure you are setting the right standard within the ERG. For this conversation, we’ll be joined by leaders from Expedia Group to talk about the in’s and out’s of developing an ERG, leading by example and how rewards & recognition are integral to a strong ERG framework. If you are looking to start an ERG at your company (or take yours to the next level) this is the space for you!

Claire Cumming (She/Her)

Bridget Finkeldey

Hi everyone, I’m Claire Cumming and I work for the amazing Travel Tech company, Expedia Group, and I’m based in London. I’ve had the pleasure of working for Expedia Group for the last 6.5 years, always leading large Recruitment Delivery Teams in the Talent Acquisition space. Having lived all my life with a genetic lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis, disability inclusion has always meant a huge amount to me personally. I’m therefore so excited for the journey we’re on at Expedia Group to build an inclusive world for people with disabilities. For us, this means our travelers and employees. In my personal life, I’m a dog mum to two French Bulldogs, Luna and Rio, who keep me both busy and entertained on a daily basis! Outside of work, I enjoy taking long walks in the countryside in an area called Surrey, where I live (and where the film ‘The Holiday’ was filmed!)

Emi Wood-Lecler (She/Her/They)

Bridget Finkeldey

Using her background in hospitality, Emi wants to create a world that is more inclusive to all, no matter their ultimate destination. With personal experience of visible and invisible disabilities, she strives to make change for the community in everything she does. Emi has been with Expedia Group for over 7 years, providing consultations to Lodging Hotel Partners across the Northeast and parts of the Midwest. Beyond her expected duties, Emi has become an Inclusion & Diversity Champion, a Mental Health Ambassador with a Mental Health First Aid Certification, an Ally Skills Facilitator, and the Global Development Chair for the AIM IBG (Ability Inclusion Movement Inclusion Business Group). As an Inclusion & Diversity Champion, Emi created, managed, and published the Lodging Accessibility Guide, which provides guidance for Lodging Hotel Partners on how to appropriately market to and provide the best experience for travelers with disabilities. This guide was showcased at the Expedia Group annual conference in 2022 and 2023 and was most recently recognized in a Forbes article for creating a more inclusive travel experience. As the Global Development Chair, it is her focus to find and create growth and development opportunities for members of AIM. Most notably has been the success of the “Own Your Dreams” development program, which ran for six weeks in the Fall of 2022, and focused on skills for personal branding, networking, and goal setting. The program had almost 1K active participants across all Inclusion Business Groups, and scored a 4.5/5 in career relevance for the community members. The 2023 edition of the program is currently under way! So whether it’s creating a more inclusive experience for travelers, or helping people create a path of growth & development, Emi strives to be an example of what can be achieved.

Jordan Freking (He/Him)

Bridget Finkeldey

Jordan Freking is originally from Iowa, went to college in Massachusetts, and has been living in different parts of Mexico for the last 11 years. He has a degree in American Studies with a specialization in Critical & Cultural Theory and a minor in Latina/o studies. This, in conjunction with his very intersectional existence, has made him very passionate about all things inclusion and diversity. To add to this, after having worked at a language center, it became apparent to him that he was a language person, and as such, he really enjoys thinking about the intersection of culture, language, and identity. While helping hoteliers with their problems, Jordan began to take advantage of all of the I&D resources Expedia had to offer. Somewhere along his never-ending quest for more and more information on these topics, he fell into the world of AIM (Ability Inclusion Movement), one of Expedia’s Inclusion Business Groups. In hindsight, it was inevitable that a person like Jordan, who is neurodiverse a couple of times over, end up associated with AIM. Currently, Jordan is an Operation Improvement Analyst on the conventional lodging side of Expedia in the Americas. In other words, he gets to think about how to make operational processes more efficient, but just because he is busy as an OIA, that doesn’t mean he has put inclusion and diversity on the backburner. He is the AIM Chapter Lead for AIM LATAM. He is the VP for the LATAM I&D Council. He is an Ally Skills Workshop Facilitator, and in his spare time, he’s studying cello and French, his sixth language. At present, Jordan has figured out how to make his neurodiversity work for him, and he hopes that all neurodivergent people out there can eventually do the same.

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