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Being Trans in Tech


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Being Trans in Tech


Being trans in the tech world is a two-sided coin: on one side, the tech world hasn’t historically been welcoming of trans creatives and other trans tech professionals. On the other side, for some it’s offered necessary economic advancement. In this talk, E.C. Pizarro III, entrepreneur, brand designer, and Executive Director of TransTech Social Enterprises, will share his story of working as a creative in tech, explain the importance of supporting emerging trans tech talent, and offer his best advice for trans professionals to find their footing in tech.

E.C. Pizarro III

Bridget Finkeldey

E.C Pizarro III is an award-winning Brand Designer and Digital Artist. He is also the Creative Director of his design firm, 1Z2R, the Executive Director of TransTech Social Enterprises, and the founder of Marsha’s Web (a resource directory for TLGBQIA+ communities, that centers BIPOC Transgender, Intersex, and GNC business owners/organizations). E.C. has been in the design industry for over 12 years and works with entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies, alike. For his clients - he creates timeless branding and seamless digital content that drives confidence in their brand and fosters a foundation for success. Passionate about his people and his purpose, E.C. is a professional that is dedicated to using his talent and voice to create a new temperature in the industry for emerging designers.

Rob Ribar

Sanmaya Mohanty

I have produced and managed promotional campaigns, including events and experiential marketing for theatrical works, rock concerts, and in support of global luxury brands, Broadway productions, and television networks. Whether meeting with top tier industry talent or pushing cargo boxes at an event activation, I bring together my passion for media and production with a skill set focused through my professionalism and conscientiousness.

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