How these 30+ companies are honoring Black History Month

Four hands coming together, each with a puzzle piece, to make a heart. The colors are black, green, red, and yellow — the colors of Black History Month.

February marks the annual celebration of Black History Month, acknowledging the achievements of Black Americans and their pivotal role in shaping U.S. history.

As we reflect on ways to build more inclusive and equitable workplaces, we asked 30+ companies to share how they’ll be celebrating Black History Month this year — including the events, initiatives, and programs they have planned.


This Black History Month – and beyond – we’re honoring the creativity, agency, and vitality of Black Americans by celebrating change makers of the past while supporting future ones.

Creating meaningful change starts within our own company. Google is:

  • Committed to empower and hire a diverse workforce, as well as creating opportunities for the next generation in tech
  • Working to improve Black+ representation at senior levels and committing to a goal to improve leadership representation of underrepresented groups by 30% by 2025
  • Working to create a stronger sense of inclusion and belonging for Googlers in general and our Black+ community in particular
  • Establishing a range of anti-racism educational programs that are global in view and able to scale to all Googlers
  • Better supporting the mental and physical health and well-being of our Black+ community

Building a workforce that is representative of our diverse world is an important piece.

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The phrase "Celebrating Black" next to a spinning wheel of words that eventually falls still on "History."

Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer proudly embraces the spirit of Black History Month by spotlighting the invaluable contributions of our black employees. This February, we are celebrating the impact of our black professionals on both Wolters Kluwer and their local communities. By acknowledging and honoring their accomplishments, we strive to foster an inclusive environment that values diversity and promotes a collective sense of pride in our shared history.

Be the difference. If making a difference matters to you, then you matter to us. You can thrive at Wolters Kluwer, where diversity is core to our collective strength and high performance. Be your unique self, share your creative ideas, do your best work, and take time to grow in our caring and inclusive culture where you can belong.

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This February, Nestlé is focusing on recognizing the intersection of African American culture, the arts, and sustainability. Our events will shed light on the experiences of the Black Community and their role in shaping our society, including an interview with artist Chanell Joy, whose pieces beautifully capture the essence of Black history and the importance of environmental consciousness, a conversation with OfColor to address the racial wealth gap and promote financial literacy, and a fireside chat with author Sulma Arzu Brown on navigating professional culture while embracing authenticity. We look forward to celebrating the rich heritage, achievements, and resilience of the Black community.

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Moody’s is celebrating Black History Month by bringing together colleagues across a series of inventive & exciting events. We’ll experience history through group tours at prestigious museums across the US, both in-person & virtually. We’ll inspire our colleagues by spotlighting the personal career journeys of senior Black executives at Moody’s during an interactive panel discussion. We’ll also delve into Hip-Hop as a business with invited music industry leaders. Highlighting the month, we're bringing history right to our doorstep, with a Fireside Chat & Reception featuring none other than Reta Jo Lewis, President of the United States Export Import Bank.

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Cummins Inc.

This February, Cummins Inc. honors Black History Month with a dynamic array of events. Highlights include the Black History Month Launch Party & Art Gallery Opening, the inaugural presentation of the James A. Joseph Humanitarian Award, and various local and virtual celebrations, including office parties and art crawls. This month-long celebration features a strong focus on community outreach, health, and well-being, with initiatives like the American Red Cross Blood Drive and health panels with esteemed experts. Engaging activities such as cooking sessions, documentary viewings, and interactive discussions on democracy, culture, and tech enrich this commemorative month.

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Cummins team members celebrating Black History Month


In honor of Black History Month, SoftwareOne has curated several events aligned with this year’s theme, “African Americans and the Arts.” For example, we will host a month-long series entitled “Tiny Tales, Big Impact,” where Swomies will explore the rich history, diversity, culture, and triumph of the Black community through the enchanting world of children’s stories by Black authors. We will also host a listening and discussion session of spoken word poetry featuring poems from acclaimed and up-and-coming poets. Through these events, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of the beautiful mosaic that is the Black experience.

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Photo of a Black woman working on a computer


Visa is committed to attracting, retaining, and developing Black talent at Visa. ViBE, Visa’s Black Employee Resource Group (ERG) enhances personal and professional development of Black employees by amplifying their voice and connecting with allies to champion Visa’s values of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

For Black History Month, ViBE and Visa’s Inclusion & Diversity Team will lead the celebrations which includes an annual marketplace supporting Black-owned small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), promoting the skills and artistic talent prominent in African diaspora. There will also be opportunities to learn about the enormous contributions that Black Americans have had on visual arts, music, cultural movements, and more globally, and an opportunity to give back by volunteering in the community.

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Visa team members celebrating Black History Month


Shure believes that Black History is not limited to just one month. Instead, it is an ongoing commitment to honor the history of the Black community, acknowledge the progress made in society, and strive for positive change that still needs to be achieved. Our Associate Resource Groups organize educational events, facilitate volunteer opportunities, and raise awareness about Black history and its impact on society. Some events have included Black history Jeopardy, a soul food menu in the Shure Café, museum visits, and celebrations of music, literature, and film. Join us on our journey to create an inclusive workplace for all.

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Images of Shure's team celebrating Black History Month

During Black History Month, we take the time to celebrate the people in the Black community whose immeasurable impact has progressed our society and culture forward. This year, we're leading a virtual Jeopardy game event that will honor and explore the rich contributions of modern and contemporary achievers and notable inventors within the Black community. We're also hosting a panel discussion, "Navigating the Urban Landscape: Policies for Affordable Housing and Inclusivity," focused on providing insight into how public policy impacts the homebuying process for African Americans.

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Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman celebrates Black History Month annually. Activities include the Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA) Awards, of which Northrop Grumman has been a long-standing partner. This year 23 Northrop Grumman engineers will receive BEYA Awards for significant achievements in STEM. Other events include the 13th annual OneAATG (African American Task Group) Summit. Employees receive weekly Black History Month content throughout February. Additional resources include our Black History Month website that features culturally relevant resources. We are also proud of the people stories featured in our award-winning One Magazine that highlight Black employees who have demonstrated stellar technology leadership.

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Culture Amp

As we head into February, Culture Amp is honored to acknowledge and celebrate Black History Month. To coincide with the 2024 Black History Month theme, African Americans and the Arts, our ERG, Camp Culture, will host a series of events to honor the achievements, contributions, and rich heritage that African Americans have made to the arts from the 1920s to the present day. In addition to highlighting selected figures, our board leaders will facilitate a company-wide Q&A with Black leaders across Culture Amp and they’ve invited a special guest to host a soul-food cook-along. Throughout the month Culture Amp will do a 2:1 match on all employee donations made to the Equal Justice Initiative. Read more about our commitment to anti-racism.

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Samsara’s Blaccsara ERG is aligning with the National Black History Month theme, "African Americans and the Arts," by hosting events showcasing how Black artists have used diverse art forms to celebrate, influence, and raise awareness throughout history. These events include Black history trivia, a creative paint event, a virtual volunteer opportunity with Black Girls Smile, a virtual panel with Black artists in the industry, and a happy hour to close out the month. These efforts do not end after February, as Samsara and our Blaccsara ERG are dedicated to the inclusivity, career development, and engagement of all Samsarians throughout the year.

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Samsara team members celebrating Black History Month

Tandem Diabetes Care

As a company that values DEI, Tandem Diabetes Care is continually developing programs that cultivate and celebrate diversity of thought, inclusion, and belonging. With Black History Month approaching, we are excited to launch a new inclusion community, 'Black Employees at Tandem' (BET). The mission of BET is to educate, contribute to the community, and increase awareness of diversity at Tandem. Alisa Barnhill, Co-Founder and Communications Specialist, expresses her gratitude by stating, "I'm incredibly thankful for the support in establishing this community at Tandem! I look forward to witnessing the evolution of this group making a positive impact on our workplacey.

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Black woman, smiling


Elastic has its own Black History Month theme: to educate our internal and external audiences on the impact of art within Black culture and the larger diaspora. To celebrate the cultural awareness month, the Blasticians ERG has a variety of events planned including a learning series with topics like ‘Exploring Black Arts’ and ‘Women of Black Broadway’, a trivia and virtual happy hour that’s open to anyone at Elastic, and an event that will highlight historical figures and their impact to this year’s BHM theme.

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Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac's ARISE Business Resource Group (BRG) has planned numerous Black History Month activities celebrating Black Americans' empowerment, preparedness and perseverance. Dr. Denise Rollins, executive director and life coach of the Whole Heart Center and certified business coach Tesha Nesbit will lead a symposium entitled, "The Art of Empowerment." This event will guide participants through a year of planning, reflecting and executing as they work through pain, reclaim power and discover their purpose. Other events include a panel focused on Black women and two seminars on building wealth and investing wisely. ARISE members will volunteer at Junior Achievement Finance Park to teach financial capability to young people. Our Black History Month activities build upon our everyday efforts to empower Freddie Mac employees and reflect the diverse people we serve.

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Five Black Freddie Mac employees, smiling


The Black Contentfuler@s Network, one of our five Contentful ERGs, has released a public playlist, a mix of some of our favourite tracks reflecting the diversity within the group. We’re hoping this will be the soundtrack to your day. Maxine Montilus, a Haitian-American dancer, choreographer and educator, will join us for a virtual fireside chat.

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At Vizient, Black History Month is a time of reflection, celebration, and action. Throughout February and the entire year, we honor Black excellence with a series of events, initiatives, and programs. From informative lunchtime seminars highlighting significant figures and events in Black history to cultural showcases featuring music, art, and literature, we strive to educate, inspire, and foster understanding. Our Black@Vizient Diversity Networking Association organizes networking opportunities, career and professional development, and volunteer initiatives that empower our workforce to engage meaningfully with Black communities. We also partner with local organizations to support initiatives addressing systemic inequalities and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion year-round.

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Vizient team celebrating Black History Month


At ServiceNow, we’re dedicated to increasing employee knowledge and appreciation around the triumphs and struggles of Black people throughout history through guest speaker events, in-person celebrations, community and allyship-building events, and donation campaigns. As a part of our People Pact, we’re committed to employee growth, so we offer various development programs, including Exec Business School, an educational Ivy League certificate program offered to Black managers, amongst a broader underrepresented minority group-focused cohort and our Employee Belonging Group-led program, which aims to empower future Black leaders to achieve their ambitions by engaging in meaningful discussions around professional development through a culture of mutual support and advocacy.

Explore a career at ServiceNow.


At Myriad360, we are committed to celebrating Black History Month by fostering an inclusive and diverse environment. Throughout February, we're amplifying and highlighting Black voices within our organization by showcasing the unique contributions of individuals within Myriad360. BE@M ERG (Black Employees at Myriad360) also organized an event for our colleagues to experience a speaking engagement from an inspiring Black Leader within the IT Infrastructure field. And our internal communication channel will feature educational resources that showcase the achievements and contributions of Black individuals in technology. By actively engaging in these activities, we aim to honor the rich history and ongoing impact of the Black community while reinforcing our dedication to equity and representation.

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The purpose of Workiva’s Black business employee resource group (BERG) is to enable the advancement of the Black community at Workiva through ongoing education, increased representation, and retention while driving social change. Throughout Black History Month, the BERG is excited to host activities to further this mission including a discussion with guest speaker Dr. Monet Bowling, a town hall meeting, trivia event, and a book club. All employees are invited and encouraged to attend and engage in meaningful dialogue. We’ll also be highlighting charitable giving opportunities to support the Black community on our intranet throughout the month.

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Heading text "Black History Month" on top of geometric shapes


Autodesk honors Black History Month globally each February through events produced by our Autodesk Black Network (ABN) employee resource group and our Diversity & Belonging team. This year, ABN is celebrating the theme of “Black Culture and the Arts” by hosting a series of webinars, a virtual exhibit from the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD), and a Women in Leadership panel discussion. We’ll also feature ABN members throughout the month on our @AutodeskLife social channels and the Autodesk Life blog.

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Okta is excited to celebrate Black History Month with a variety of activities hosted in partnership by the People of Collective Colors Employee Resource Group and the Black Employee Network: We plan to honor Black artists, authors, filmmakers, and actors and their accomplishments in an internal Slack campaign, continue our Black& social media campaign which highlights the intersectionality of Okta’s Black employees, host a fireside chat with Okta's new Head of DIB, and organize a themed luncheon with trivia at our North America Okta offices.

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UnitedHealth Group

This Black History Month, and every day, we celebrate the impact diversity, equity and inclusion have on our workplace. Communities like our Black Experience Resource Group are highlighted by team members like Meechawayl M., who shared that these spaces for connection enhance professional growth and authenticity. Our Employee Resource Groups are part of our broader commitment to create an inclusive environment where we feel a sense of belonging and empowerment to share our voices.

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T. Rowe Price

As our firm celebrates U.S. Black History Month, MOSAIC @ T. Rowe Price, one of our firm’s global associate-led business resource groups, and its African Heritage Community are hosting an educational event focused on African Americans and the arts. Learn about a few of the local arts organizations that our firm and Foundation have proudly supported, collectively granting more than $400,000 since 2018.

For more insight on diversity, equity, and inclusion at T. Rowe Price, visit this link.

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Collins Aerospace

In honor of Black History Month, the Collins Aerospace Black Excellence Network employee resource group (BXN) has curated a month of events that tell the story of Black professionals. This year's Black History Month theme, "The Black Experience: Innovation Beyond Limits," encapsulates the essence of the Black journey. In the realms of aerospace and defense, Black professionals have made indelible marks that resonate with RTX's core values of innovation and excellence. Their stories are not just tales of individual triumph but are blueprints for future generations. The various webinars and meetings in February put on by the BXN employee resource group will share stories of Black professionals across RTX and beyond.

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At Stryker, we continue to strive to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for everyone. During the month of February, we take time to celebrate the rich history and important achievements of Black Americans and Canadians – as well as the entire African diaspora. What does this look like at Stryker?

In 2023 Stryker’s African Ancestry Network (SAAN), one of Stryker’s nine employee resource groups hosted a number of events to celebrate and honor our Black talent.

The events included hosting a program highlighting Black historical figures, coming together for a National SAAN Town Hall, driving awareness through a Black History Month Teams background design contest and leading a Black military history education opportunity in partnership with Stryker’s Veteran Association (SVA).

Make sure to follow Stryker’s social media accounts and #WeAreStryker on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to see what our teams are up to this year!

Are you looking for more ways to celebrate Black History Month? Find 7 ways to get started on our blog.

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Expedia Group

To mark Black History Month, Expedia Group’s Inclusion Business Group BEAM (Black Expedia Allied Movement) is organizing a panel discussion that will focus on the intersection of technology and travel and its impact on the Black traveler. Expedia Group employees will also be able to enjoy the rhythmic heartbeat of Black culture through a carefully curated Spotify playlist, spanning genres like rap, R&B, rock, Caribbean, Afro-Latino beats, and country. To infuse a sense of fun and purpose, we're introducing interactive games such as Bingo and "Don't forget the Lyrics, using songs from the Spotify playlist. Expedians will also be encouraged to expand their Black History knowledge through virtual museum tours from around the world and a fact delivered to them each day.

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Six Expedia Group employees celebrating Black History Month.


In celebration of Black History Month, Zapier's BIPOC ERG (Black, Indigenous, People of Color Employee Resource Group) welcomes employees worldwide to participate in a captivating lecture-style session that goes beyond traditional history lessons. We’ll dive into the rich history of African people before Transatlantic enslavement and understand why February was chosen for this celebration. Zapiens will engage in Q&A sessions for further exploration, and enjoy educational resources and interactive activities to enhance our understanding of this impactful month. More details about Zapier here.

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Celonis is proud to commemorate Black History Month through various initiatives organized by our BRG, Black@Celonis. Throughout the month, a dedicated educational campaign will raise awareness about the global African Diaspora's impact within our community. BRG members will share weekly insights, presenting historical facts and highlighting the unique stories of Celonauts. Additionally, a specialized workshop is planned to empower Black Celonauts, focusing on workplace identity and enhancing communication and networking skills. These initiatives reflect Celonis's commitment to fostering inclusivity and recognizing the significance of Black history within our culture.

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Two women running down the sidewalk with a Celonis poster behind them that says "Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Belonging."


Relativity’s Community Resource Group, BRel: Black@Relativity, celebrates Black History Month, focusing on "Celebrating Black Excellence in the Arts." Our curated events include a Black History Month museum experience, showcasing pivotal moments in Black artistic history. The exhibit provides a comprehensive look at the profound impact of Black creators on the arts. BRel will also host a Paint N Sip event, a guided journey that pays homage to influential Black artists and fosters creativity and diversity. BRel is also committed to sharing educational resources and asynchronous activities, allowing team members to explore and learn at their own pace. Our goal is to showcase, educate, and inspire, fostering a deeper appreciation for the impact of Black artists.

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In celebration of Black History Month, Cloudflare's employee resource group AfroFlare has selected the theme "Rest & Recognize". As people of color we spend a significant amount of time fighting - for a seat at the table, access to resources, equal treatment etc. It's important to rest, while recognizing how far we've come and how much work is left to do. Our programming this year focuses on wellness and education. We will be featuring yoga, a sound bath, a discussion on nutrition in the Black community, DJ sets focusing on House music and Afrobeats; and a drag comedy show.

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Cloudflare team members celebrating Black History Month

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