Watch PowerToFly's Virtual Event with Facebook

Watch PowerToFly's Virtual Event with Facebook

Facebook and PowerToFly recently joined forces for an invite-only virtual networking event. Watch this behind-the-scenes look at Facebook's groundbreaking work featuring a keynote address, lightning talks, a panel discussion, and an audience Q&A with the company's women leaders.


Here's a look at the event's agenda:

  • PowerToFly Kickoff
  • Keynote and Welcome Address from Madison Shea McMahan, Event Marketer
  • Lighting Talk #1, Designers & Engineers: Better Together
    • Caitlyn McCarthy, UX Product Design Manager
    • Aish Rajagopal, Software Engineering Manager
  • Audience Q&A
  • Lighting Talk #2, Women Create: Empowering Self-Advocacy Panel
    • Grace Pehl, Data Scientist
    • Katy Shi, Software Engineer
    • Michelle Yin, Software Engineer
  • Audience Q&A
  • Panel Discussion & Audience Q&A Featuring Women Tech Leaders at Facebook
  • Closing Remarks from PowerToFly
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