16 best talent acquisition software tools for 2024

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In talent acquisition, we’re often looking to fill a specialized role with strict criteria under a tight deadline. Talent acquisition software helps streamline this process by using automation and artificial intelligence. Most recruiters or talent acquisition specialists have access to an applicant tracking system such as Baboom HR, ICIMS, Greenhouse, or one of the many other options on the market. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are an important tool in the recruitment process, but how can you move beyond your ICIMS login to take advantage of the other free recruitment tools out there?

Today, we cover 15 top talent acquisition software tools available in 2024, plus insider tips on how to use them effectively.

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Job aggregators

Job aggregators are basically search engine filters that allow you to gather job postings from a variety of sources on the internet. A traditional job board is where users can both post a job position and search for open jobs listed on the board. Job aggregators often have this function but with the added ability to search and gather jobs from targeted listings around the web, such as multiple job boards and company websites.

1. LinkedIn

Perhaps it’s not your favorite social media platform, but the free LinkedIn profile has practically become a requirement in the professional world. With 1 billion members in 200 countries, it is essential talent acquisition software. Consider upgrading your LinkedIn account to the paid LinkedIn Recruiter. This allows you to connect with 3rd degree connections outside of your immediate network. It also unlocks 30+ filters in your search for candidates as well as direct messaging.

2. Indeed

Indeed is a top job site with more than 350 million unique visitors per month. Indeed not only functions as a job aggregator, pulling job listings from various sources, but recruiters can also post free job listings directly on the platform. There are also pre-made skills tests available to check candidate skill levels. Indeed also integrates with most ATS systems.

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor allows job seekers to not only search and apply for jobs but also search company reviews and salaries. It has over 180 million company reviews and salary insights. Where Glassdoor can help as talent acquisition software is for recruiters to be aware of the opinions regarding their company. A mix of good and bad reviews is typical, but if they are overall poor reviews, it’s a learning opportunity. To do the job well, recruiters need to address specific problems within the candidate experience or overall employer branding.

4. Monster

Monster is one of the longest standing job sites with 25 years on the internet – since 1999! They partnered with hundreds of other job platforms and cast a wide net for your recruitment by sending out job postings through partners, including newspapers and web-based platforms. A free account allows you to search its resume database and post jobs. Upgrading to a paid account gives you access to employer branding tools as well as integration with your ATS.

5. Zip Recruiter

Zip Recruiter can help streamline the recruitment process by helping a recruiter manage job postings across multiple platforms under one umbrella. It sends out one job post to multiple websites without having to maintain individual accounts on each platform. It offers other features like a top-rated mobile app, job description templates, and AI driven candidate screening.

Boolean search strings

To make the best use of the job aggregators above, you need to efficiently search their extensive resume and user databases. That means stepping up your search game. The best way to do that (and a key recruitment technique) is to utilize so-called Boolean search operators.

6. Boolean search operators

They were created by British mathematician George Boole in the 19th century. The five standard Boolean operators are: AND, OR, NOT, (), and “”. These operators are used in conjunction with keywords in a search box to actionably filter the search.

  • AND. This operator narrows search results to include only entries that contain all the indicated keywords. For example, developer AND java will return only results that have both words.
  • OR. Or will return results that contain either or both terms. It’s used to expand your search results such as tester OR testing.
  • NOT. This operator will exclude results containing indicated words. For example, architect NOT “software architect”.
  • Quotation marks “”. Used to indicate exact phrases for two or more words, e.g. “java developer San Francisco”.
  • Parenthesis (). Used when multiple boolean operators are present to order the importance of the operators. For example, (finance OR financial) AND java.

A Boolean search string is the entire phrase you have entered including keywords and operators. For example:

software developer AND java AND (tester OR testing) “San Francisco”

Boolean search is a key recruitment technique that will supercharge your efficiency, no matter what platform you are searching.

Scheduling tools

Conducting interviews is part of the recruitment process for any talent acquisition specialist. But, maintaining your calendar and schedule of appointments can be time consuming. Fortunately, there are platforms out there to help simplify this process.

7. Calendly

It connects to your Google or other calendar and allows others to see your meeting availability through a simple link. From there, they can book a slot, receive a confirmation, and the appointment populates on your calendar. It also integrates with GoogleMeet to share your meeting room link. There is a limited free version that allows scheduling of 15-minute slots. Don’t worry if you go over your time limit; Calendly does not cut off the meeting when time is up.

8. Sprintful

It's a paid scheduling platform that offers complete business integration, team meetings, one-on-one meeting, regular sessions, resource reservations, and customized branding options. There’s a free 7-day trial.

9. Google Appointment Scheduling

Google Workspace recently rolled out Google Appointment Scheduling. As you might imagine, it connects directly to Google Calendar. A lot like Calendly, the personal booking page allows you to manage your availability with a transparent calendar visible to clients, family, friends, and potential hires. Premium features include email reminders, email verification, and unlimited schedules.

Applicant testing and assessment

Assessing candidates through skills testing provides a number of benefits to recruiters. It helps screen qualified applicants, removes potential bias from the screening process (a DEIB best practice for inclusive hiring), and provides objective metrics that everyone across a hiring team can interpret.

10. Pymetrics

Pymetrics is a gamified skills assessment tool. It uses AI to assess critical soft skills such as cognitive, social, and emotional attributes. These soft skills determine attention, decision marketing, effort, focus, reasoning, etc.

11. TestGorilla

This platform offers over 150 tests ranging from language proficiency, cognitive ability, to role-specific skills.

AI in recruiting

With the emergence of AI in recruiting, AI and machine learning (ML) tools are increasingly used in the ATS screening of candidate applications. There are a number of ways your company can better utilize AI to streamline recruitment.

12. Chatbots

Chatbots for recruitment are a great way to field routine questions or inquiries about job applications and hiring processes. About 32% of people who interact with a chatbot can’t tell if it’s a bot or a human.

13. ChatGPT

One way that ChatGPT can be utilized as talent acquisition software is through writing Boolean search operators. The section earlier explains how to create Boolean operators, but a recruiter can easily prompt ChatGPT to create an efficient Boolean search string for any job description. Then just feed it the job description and presto.

Mobile-friendly tools

A study about candidate experience found that high-potential job applicants are more attracted to organizations offering recruiting through mobile devices. Companies looking for top talent should maintain mobile-friendly application systems, testing, communications, and interviewing. In the post-desktop age, not everyone has a laptop or a convenient workspace. Give mobile a go.

15. Zip Recruiter’s mobile app

Zip Recruiter's mobile app increased in popularity since its launch in 2010. This U.S. employment marketplace for job seekers and employers has taken the mobile migration to heart, with a highly-rated job mobile job search app.

AI-driven diversity recruiting platforms

Some 76% of all job seekers say that DEI is an important factor when looking for new job opportunities. Clearly, DEIB must be a critical strategic element of your talent acquisition software. Simplify candidate sourcing with an all-in-one diverse talent acquisition platform. Find top talent who matches your open roles while simultaneously reaching your company's diversity goals.

16. The PowerToFly DEIB Business Suite

The DEIB Business Suite is a one-stop shop for all your DEIB software needs. Developed by DEIB experts and featuring AI Talent Match, it’s the first all-in-one diversity recruiting, retention, and education product suite in its space. While other companies focus on individual aspects of diversity and recruitment software, the DEIB Business Suite includes them all in one integrated package with its two premier products: PowerPro, a talent acquisition tool that uses DEIB data and insights to help you identify and manage your talent pipeline from start to end, and PowerUp, an on-demand DEIB training and upskilling platform.

Altogether, the DEIB Business Suite allows you to:

  • Simplify candidate sourcing and hire talent faster, with AI-driven Candidate Search and diversity filters that let you quickly find talent using a number of identity parameters, like gender and ethnicity.
  • Get instant access to a network of 17 million+ underrepresented professionals, who you can then add to custom candidate lists and direct message.
  • Monitor performance and diversity metrics along every stage of your recruitment funnel, with live data integration, performance benchmarking, and reporting.
  • Build your reputation as an employer of choice for underrepresented talent, with a customizable company page that features your open roles + custom-made blog and video contentthat tells your Employer Brand story.
  • Access on-demand, self-paced L&D and DEIB trainings and courses (and earn certifications + SHRM and HRCI credits for completing them).
  • Access templates and resources, like a DEIB calendar, an unconscious bias toolkit, and customizable reports.
  • Keep current with trending news and topics in the DEIB space.

Search smarter with top talent acquisition software

With so many talent acquisition software tools available, it can be tough knowing where to start. There are plenty of free and low-cost tools out there to help any recruiter - beginner or seasoned - find top talent. Whether it’s AI, job sites, applicant testing, or scheduling tools, streamlining time-consuming tasks will help speed up recruitment and reduce missed opportunities. There are also all-in-one options that eliminate the need to manage postings across multiple platforms.

Learn more about how PowerToFly can help you achieve your diversity talent acquisition and employee retention goals.

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