PowerToFly Attendee Waiver, Code of Conduct, and Community Guidelines

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Attendee Waiver

I grant PowerToFly permission to share my registration information with event partners and sponsors, and I understand that this event will be recorded. I agree that PowerToFly and its partners can use my likeness, image, voice, and/or appearance as such may be embodied in any photos, video recordings and the like. I agree that PowerToFly and its partners can use said material for any purpose consistent with PowerToFly and its Partners’ mission(s). These uses include, but are not limited to videos, publications, advertisements, news releases, web sites, and any promotional or educational materials. I acknowledge that I will not receive any compensation for the use of such images.

If you have questions or comments about any of the above, please email privacy@powertofly.com.

Code of Conduct

We welcome an open discussion however to ensure our events meet the highest level of ethical conduct, professionalism and service we ask you to be kind and thoughtful in your interactions with both our speakers and your fellow attendees. This includes not participating in any actions the PowerToFly facilitators would perceive as bullying, discriminatory, or as harassment. If you do not abide by this code of conduct, you will be removed from this event, prohibited from attending future PowerToFly events and will have your PowerToFly profile suspended. Thank you for understanding and for helping us make this summit a positive experience for all involved.

PowerToFly welcomes hundreds of speakers each year to discuss topics related to creating and maintaining diverse workplaces. The opinions and presentations expressed by speakers are their own. We welcome debates generated by these discussions, especially when they create awareness around developments in our space that may be harmful.

If you observe a message causing harm to you or another member of the community or have a concern about a speaker, please email hi@powertofly.com. Your message should include a screenshot or photo with the message or action in question, the username of the sender, and/ or the channel it was sent in.

Community Guidelines

Learn more about PowerToFly’s safe networking space where you can find free career-developing resources and connect with your peers across the globe

At PowerToFly we believe upskilling is key for personal and professional growth. Guaranteeing universal and unrestricted access to growth opportunities is part of our core mission.

Within the PowerToFly Events and Community Space, you’ll find:

  • A safe networking space
  • Career advice and free resources
  • Resources to support your well-being personally and professionally
  • Invitations to free upskilling events
  • And more!

Policy for Employers

PowerToFly welcomes employers from its partner companies to utilize our Events and Community Space to interact with potential candidates under the following guidelines:

  • Only companies with current paid PowerToFly subscriptions will be allowed to message with potential candidates.
  • Employers are required to notify PowerToFly of any offers and/or hires made to members of the Community Space.
  • All messages to potential candidates must adhere to PowerToFly’s overall code of conduct.
  • Any disregard to the above may result in the removal from the Events and/or Community Space.