10 in-demand high income skills you can learn in 2024

Learn what skill areas employers today are on the lookout for, and how to upskill in each.

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Searching for ways to increase your income this year? Learning a new skill might be the solution.

As the job market evolves, so do the number and type of skills that employers value most. Whether you’re creative, people-driven, technical, or analytical, you can always learn something new in (or outside of!) your area of expertise to help you progress in your professional career. The more of these high-income skills you can add to your resume, the more desirable you become to prospective employers — and the more desirable you become to your current employer, too, if you’re working toward a new title or striving to reach a higher salary band. Thanks to today’s unique and ever-changing job market, some of the most in-demand skills of 2024 have the potential to boost your income into the six-figure range.

We’ve curated a list of the top skills of the year, their salary ranges, and some resources to help you begin your education. Whether you want to propel a new career forward or negotiate a higher salary or promotion in your existing role, learning a high-income skill is a valuable investment in your future – one you can start on today!

Pro tip: To stay current and stand out, make sure you understand how AI and tools like ChatGPT interact with and influence each of the skillsets below. Browse resources about AI and the workplace, or take our Inclusive AI Usage course on PowerUp.

Top 10 in-demand high income skills

1. UX design

UX (user experience) design is the process of designing products that are easy to use. According to the Nielsen Norman Group (pioneers in the field of usability), UX “encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

The UX designer’s role is invaluable in delivering quality, user-friendly products to customers while also meeting the needs of the business. Being able to understand both the consumer and the developer is a key skill towards excellence in production. With UX designers in increasingly high demand, $74,000-$122,000 can be expected annually.

Whether you’re new to UX design or want to level-up your skills, there are plenty of online and in-person resources:

2. Data analysis

Data analysis means working with data to discern useful information, which can then be used to make informed decisions. Data is everywhere, and we all know how important it is when it comes to decision-making and the future of business. It only makes sense that data analytics interpretation and usage would be the next high-income skill on our list. Because data and numbers drive every industry, data analysts can expect to make $66,000-$103,000 annually.

To help introduce you to data analysis, consider exploring:

3. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT/computing resources and services via the internet. Think storage, networking, databases, analytics, and more! In a time where work and education are becoming increasingly remote, helping businesses securely store and manage their data is a valuable ability. Perhaps this is why cloud computing is one of the most in-demand, high income skills of 2024. And as a cloud computing professional, it’s possible to make $76,000-117,000 per year!

Some options to begin your journey in cloud computing include:

4. SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) includes actions, processes, and best practices aimed at improving a website’s visibility in and organic traffic from search engines (namely Google). It’s no secret that Search Engine Optimization plays a big role in the online success of businesses and brands, and companies are willing to pay big to have their websites rank higher in Google’s search results. This is why understanding best SEO practices is a trending high-income skill, and why it can rake in $69,000-$128,000 per year.

If you’re unsure of where to begin your SEO education, start here:

5. Coding

Coding is also known as "computer programming" or "programming" and is basically the method in which we communicate with computers and tell them what to do — think of it as detailed instructions. While coding is a skill that requires time and patience to learn, it’s indispensable knowledge in this increasingly digital age. Regardless of the field, there is always a need for someone who can code competently and skillfully, and the annual $63,000-$117,000 that comes with this ability reflects just how valuable it is.

To get started, join our coding bootcamp , Camp SkillCrush , and start coding for free today. You can also check out:

6. Video editing

TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram reels have proven just how impactful video content can be for marketing, and just as the written word requires editing, so does film! Experienced video editors are hugely in-demand, and with the possibility of earning $46,000-$82,000 annually — or as much as $164,000 for senior video editor roles — it would be a wise skill to add to your resume.

Want to get started in video editing but not sure where to begin? Start with this article, then visit:

7. Sales

Since sales directly impact how much a company or business earns, the desire for adept salespeople is endless. And because this role has commission-based pay, the earnings for a skilled salesperson can range from a base salary of $46,000-$108,000 — or as much as $237,000 for senior roles — with the possibility of higher earnings for top commission-earning salespeople.

HubSpot Academy offers free courses in sales to jumpstart your education. More resources:

8. Translation

Translation is the process of reworking text from one language into another with the goal of maintaining the original message. With international business growing, so is the need for translators. Knowing a second (or third!) language is a specialized skill that many companies need in order to improve their cross-cultural communication. Translators can earn anywhere from $35,000-$104,000 annually, but if you know multiple languages, perhaps you can use your skills to negotiate for an even higher salary.

To start learning, practicing, or perfecting a language, both Duolingo and Babbel are free and excellent resources. However, an advanced grasp of multiple languages will be required for this work!

To learn translation-specific skills and techniques, try:

9. Technical writing

Technical writing is the documentation of complex technical processes. It's often targeted to a reader who will need to use the information to carry out specific tasks. Technical writers play an essential role in helping companies better communicate with internal and external audiences. In a society where tech rules, this important and high-income skill is vital in a variety of fields, and as a technical writer, it is possible to earn a salary anywhere between $55,000-$121,000 or as much as $158,000 for senior roles.

Here are 5 tips to build a career in technical writing, plus some Technical Writing Courses to help get you started:

10. Digital marketing

Digital marketing means promoting your brand and your products via the internet: websites, social media, mobile apps, email, and more. With so much business being conducted online, the need for digital marketing is higher than ever. It’s quickly become the most effective means of marketing today, making digital marketers an indispensable asset to any business. The in-demand nature of the job and the $52,000-$152,000 paycheck makes digital marketing a worthwhile skill to invest in.

Check out our article on Digital Marketing Career Growth to learn a little bit more about what a digital marketer is, does, and how to make the most out of your career with this skill.

More resources:

How to develop and learn high-income skills

Use free resources.

There are plenty of free educational resources available online to help with developing and learning new skills. Here at PowerToFly, we offer a number of free resources on our website. You can also join our Camp SkillCruch for free and learn how to code. Other sites like YouTube, Coursera, and Grow with Google also offer a number of free programs that you can take advantage of today.

Invest in a paid course.

If going back to school doesn’t sound appealing but you would like to take your education a step further, investing in a paid online course is a great option. Sites like LinkedIn, Skillshare, and Springboard offer low monthly subscriptions to gain access to hundreds of different courses, while Udemy provides courses at set costs in a variety of fields.

PowerUp is your hub for on-demand, DEIB-informed professional development.

Take self-paced courses on topics like Ethical AI, Inclusive Interviewing, and Middle Management Leadership & Development, earn LinkedIn-shareable certificates, and collect SHRM and HRCI credits.

Explore everything PowerUp has to offer!

Take formal classes.

If you're serious about your new skill and want to pursue it professionally, there’s always the option of university courses or committing to gaining a degree or certificate. While a degree is not necessarily required for these skills, it’s always an excellent addition to any resume and can help you obtain a more well-rounded and in-depth education that free resources alone may not be able to offer.

Find a mentor.

By finding a mentor who has faced similar challenges and held the same goals, you can have access to an important support system to help you move forward in your professional journey. Learn more about finding a mentor at any career level.

Find an internship or pick up gig work.

The best way to learn a high-income skill is to immerse yourself in it. By gaining hands-on experience through a job or internship, you will be able to practice what you have learned in a professional environment while expanding your knowledge along the way. If you want to leverage these skills to get into tech, take a look at some high-income entry-level jobs with no experience required here. And keep an eye out, because we are always updating our website with available jobs and internships!
We wish you the best of luck!

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