How these 35+ companies are celebrating Pride

Seven different hands with different skin tones holding up various Pride flags

June is here, and with it, vibrant celebrations of Pride Month across the globe.

At PowerToFly, we are excited to spotlight 35+ companies that not only champion LGBTQIA+ rights during Pride but also foster an inclusive environment throughout the year. These organizations go beyond rainbow logos, implementing policies and practices that support and uplift LGBTQIA+ employees every day.

From comprehensive benefits to employee resource groups and continuous education, read on to discover how these companies are making a meaningful impact and setting a standard for workplace belonging.

Pitney Bowes

Pride celebration, inspired by the theme “Reflect. Empower. Unite.”

Pitney Bowes looks forward to this month-long celebration, during which we will:

Reflect: We’ll honor our LGBTQ+ history by remembering the struggles and sacrifices of people who worked for equality. Looking back fuels our commitment to progress.

Empower: We’ll recognize the strength within our community and allies. Advocacy for rights, representation, inclusion and acceptance remains at the forefront.

Unite: We’ll foster unity, not only within our community but also with society. Together, we’ll build bridges, break barriers, and amplify our collective voices against hate and prejudice.

Learn more about Pitney Bowes.

Jama Software

At Jama Software, Pride is more than just a month; it’s a commitment to year-round inclusivity. We celebrate with monthly Q-Committee lunches, fostering community and support. Our annual kick-off event features a Birds of a Feather table for in-person connections, ensuring everyone feels seen and heard. This June, we’re raising the bar with Drag Bingo hosted by Belonging @ Jama, celebrating diversity, and spreading joy. Inclusivity isn’t just a box to tick; it’s a value we live every day, making Jama a place where everyone belongs, thrives, and celebrates their authentic selves.

Learn more about Jama Software.

A llama wearing Pride sunglasses with text saying: Q committeee Jama Software

Shure Incorporated

Shure proudly recognizes and celebrates alongside our LGBTQIA+ Associates, allies, customers, and partners who contribute to our culture of diversity and innovation. Our Pride VIBE (Values. Inclusion. Belonging. Equity.) welcomes Associate members and allies to learn, support, and celebrate one another through education and social events while creating a safe environment for all regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. We are proud to have received a top score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2023-2024 Corporate Equality Index, the nation’s leading benchmarking survey measuring corporate policies and practices related to LGBTQIA+ workplace equality. Through a shared celebration of LGBTQIA+ art, cinema, music, festivals, expanded healthcare options, mentorship, and proudly flying the Pride flag at several Shure facilities, we are able to provide an inclusive environment for all.

Learn more about Shure Incorporated.

Various Pride images, including an "Equality 100 Leader in LGBTQ+ Workplace inclusion" award, a Pride flag in fron of the Shure office, and text saying "All are welcome here"


Nestlé is excited to celebrate Pride month with our 2024 theme of “Unified Through Pride & Inclusion”. Employee events will include baseball game outings, a panel on leading as your true authentic self, a session on marketing trends in the LGBTQIA+ community, and participation in the D.C., Seattle, Arkansas, Cleveland, and NYC pride parades. Through these celebrations, we will strive to ensure our voices are heard around the country and help move toward positive change together!

Learn more about Nestlé.

Various Nestle employees at a Pride festival


Cummins will be celebrating Indy Pride on June 8 participating in the parade and festival and June 30th in the Seymour IN Pride Festival on June 30.

Learn more about Cummins.

A large group of Cummins employees celebrating Pride and posing for a photo on the street

S&P Global

At S&P Global, this month and every month, we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, recognizing their history, accomplishments, and ongoing journey toward equality.

We work closely with our Pride People Resource Group to foster a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment where LGBTQ+ employees are encouraged to bring their whole selves to the workplace. Founded in 2005 Pride delivers programming that builds leadership competencies and increases opportunities for personal, professional, company and community success and impact for LGBTQ+ employees and their allies.

Learn more about S&P Global.


Moody’s 2024 Pride activations include local office Pride celebrations, an employee panel about LGBTQ+ families and children, a heart-to-heart discussion featuring senior leadership, an organized museum tour, film viewings, lunch-and-learn education events featuring employees and external speakers (e.g., gender awareness seminar), and participation/sponsorship of external Pride walks and marches.

At the heart of all of these celebrations is our employee-led Moody’s Pride Business Resource Group, which advocates for a work environment that respects, welcomes and supports LGBTQ+ professionals and enables them to perform to their fullest potential and contribute to the greater goals of the company.

Learn more about Moody’s.

Reddit, Inc.

At Reddit, we have a community-based culture that is guided by our Company Values and ensures that our employees feel supported and empowered.

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) including LGBTQSnoo and Trans@ foster spaces for employees to connect and cultivate discussions that help build a healthy, inclusive, and supportive community for everyone. We spend 365 days of the year uplifting our communities through our “Pride 365” organizing pillar, promoting opportunities for LGBTQ community care, education, support & advocacy year-round.

For Pride celebrations, we’re bringing our workforce together across Reddit’s offices globally to enjoy unique programming and activities including special meals, spotlights of local employees and businesses, local volunteer opportunities, and inspiring panel events. These touchstones of community and belonging will also include a discussion about the influence and role of queer figures and perspectives in media on and off Reddit.

Learn more about Reddit, Inc.

Reddit's company logo holding a pride arrow

Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace is ready to kick off PRIDE month in June by raising the PRIDE progress flag across our sites to support and uplift our LGBTQ+ colleagues, friends, and community members. Throughout the month, our PRIDE Employee Resource Group will host several learning and bonding activities, participate in local PRIDE parades in addition to two exciting signature events. Signature events include guest speaker, Mercury Stardust, an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights who will share their personal journey and guest speaker, Pastor Candance Hardnett, who will facilitate a discussion on the complexities of identity, inclusion, and authenticity in the workplace.

Learn more about Collins Aerospace.

A Pride booth hosted by Collins Aerospace


At ServiceNow, we’re committed to creating a safe space for all of our employees, including members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies, to be their authentic selves and feel seen, heard, and supported. We’re proud to be named on Human Rights Campaign’s Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality list for four consecutive years. We aim to activate employees and create dialogue around issues the LBGTQ+ community faces by hosting events like our fireside chat, “Fostering Psychologically Safe Workplaces,” getting involved in local activities, including San Diego and London’s Pride parades, giving back to our local communities, and creating community within our employee belonging group, Pride at ServiceNow.

Learn more about ServiceNow.


Stryker values employees’ individuality, including their expression of gender and sexual orientation. We’re committed to advocating for equality and encouraging authenticity in the workplace for everyone. Through Stryker’s Allies for Equality (SAFE) employee resource group, we champion a workplace where LGBTQIA+ employees are embraced as innovative, dedicated, collaborative contributors to Stryker’s core mission and values. During Pride month, SAFE hosts activities and celebrations globally by living out their purpose to foster a more inclusive workplace.

SAFE chapters will be participating in Pride celebrations worldwide, including Stryker’s headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Throughout the month

you will find SAFE chapters spanning from Limerick to Australia walking in Pride Parades, raising the Pride flag and celebrating with bingo mixers, fitness challenges, baking competitions and even a Pride carnival. The celebration doesn’t stop there - SAFE

will be hosting allyship training and fundraising for local LGBTQIA+ charities. By highlighting and celebrating each individual's freedom to be their authentic self we are creating a welcoming workplace and a brighter future.

Learn more about Stryker.


Pride is a time to celebrate love and identity, and to honor those who have taken a stand against discrimination and harassment targeting the LGBTQIA+ community throughout history.

Our Employee Resource Group, Pride At Netskope, is looking to paint the town rainbow by organizing meetups across the globe for employees to come together to both watch and participate in local pride celebrations.

This is a time for us to spread joy, solidarity, and all around good vibes with fellow colleagues, friends, and family members. We also have a robust series of internal communications that will be sent to all employees, sharing additional information and resources on the significance of the holiday, and how they can participate.

Learn more about Netskope.

Expedia Group

Expedia Group’s Pride IBG’s mission statement is to foster a positive environment for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies through support, development, engagement, and advocacy. The theme this year is ‘Pride without Borders: A Journey to Unite, Empower, and Explore.’

With our global focus, we have events planned in all four super regions and we’ll be marching proudly in Pride parades around the world. We are ecstatic to have some of the most iconic drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race joining our events throughout the month to make this Pride month the best one yet for queer Expedians and allies alike.

Learn more about Expedia Group.

Various Expedia Group employees holding a Pride flag and LGBTQIA signs

Light & Wonder

Annually, Light & Wonder commemorates Pride through a global Creator designed t-shirt contest. The winning design is produced, and every creator worldwide receives the shirt. Our ERG, Embrace, representing LGBTQIA+ creators and allies, actively engages in Pride parades across various cities. Additionally, for Light & Wonder in the United States, we offer concierge benefits through our medical plan, assisting LGBTQIA+ creators and their families with health resources, support groups, live events, learning programs, DEI training, and community-based content.

Learn more about Light & Wonder.

Two Light & Wonder teammates holding a sign that says "Light & Wonder proudly supports and celebrates the LGBTQ+ community"


At Vizient, we prioritize and celebrate diversity, including employees part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace extends throughout the year, with Pride celebrations in June featuring various virtual events, panel discussions, and social gatherings. We ensure an inclusive environment by offering comprehensive benefits coverage for all employees, their spouses, and children, guaranteeing access to healthcare and support for everyone. LGBTQIA+ employees also receive family-building benefits, acknowledging and supporting diverse family structures—including options for fertility, surrogacy and adoption. Our Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy ensures that all employees, irrespective of their gender identity or presentation, are treated with dignity and respect. We have established Pride@Vizient, a Diversity Networking Association, which provides a platform for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies to connect, share experiences, and drive positive change. In addition to enterprise-wide events like the Pride Social Hour: Drag Bingo event this year, Pride@Vizient organizes dedicated sessions for its members. Furthermore, our commitment to LGBTQIA+ equality in the workplace is recognized by the top score of 100 we received on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index for 2023-2024. We also collaborate with industry leaders and LGBTQ+ organizations like Out Leadership and Out and Equal, expanding impact beyond our organization. Through these initiatives, Vizient strives to create an environment where all employees are valued, respected, and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work every day.

Learn more about Vizient.

Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac demonstrates its commitment to the LGBTQ+ community through a variety of efforts – inclusive employee benefits, antidiscrimination policies and training, supplier diversity, and promoting inclusion among our partners and the broader housing industry. Our Pride Business Resource Group (BRG) is marking this Pride month with impactful initiatives including a panel discussion spotlighting the struggles of LGBTQIA+ at-risk youth and young adults experiencing homelessness, aiming to raise awareness and empathy. In partnership with the InspirASIAN BRG, we are hosting two book club meet-ups discussing "My Brother’s Husband," delving into cultural barriers and family dynamics for queer individuals. Additionally, our BRG will lead a company-wide community outreach project supporting youth in Washington, D.C., demonstrating our dedication to uplifting marginalized communities. We will also march in the DC Pride Parade. For more than a decade, Freddie Mac has scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index and earned the designation as a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality. Our Pride month activities help us build a home to inclusion where people can be their true selves at work, all year long.

Learn more about Freddie Mac.

Various Freddie Mac employees posing for a photo in their office

Culture Amp

As June begins, Culture Amp is excited to celebrate Pride Month, a time dedicated to recognizing and honoring our LGBTQIA+ campers, customers, and community. Pride Month is not only a celebration of love, identity, and the freedom to be oneself, but also a reminder of the ongoing struggle for equality and justice. At Culture Amp, we are committed to fostering a workplace where everyone feels welcome, valued, and respected. We believe that embracing our differences makes us stronger and more innovative.

Just in time for June, we are launching our Gender Transition Wardrobe Reimbursement benefit. This new benefit offers financial assistance to transgender and/or non-binary Campers who are in the process of transitioning. This reimbursement covers expenses related to purchasing clothing items that align with their gender identity.

Camp Out, our ERG for LGBTQIA+ campers is hosting a series of events and activities to celebrate and support our LGBTQ+ campers and allies:

  • Our Rainbow Families Panel will highlight perspectives from LGBTQIA+ parents, prospective parents going through family planning, and parents of LGBTQIA+ children.
  • Our 5th annual Lip Sync competition invites campers from all over the globe to rock out to their favorite songs to help support local LGBTQ+ charities.
  • Our newly launched Queer Media Club will host a special Pride edition to continue exploring LGBTQIA+ representation in literature, movies, TV and music.

Check out Camp Out’s hype trailer for the upcoming Lip Sync Battle. Happy Pride!

Learn more about Culture Amp.


At Jamf, we believe in embracing the differences that make us stronger. To that end, we work on creating an inclusive environment in which all Jamf employees belong. Our Proud@Jamf ERG empowers the safe and authentic expression of all LGBTQ+ Jamfs and builds connections with the larger LGBTQ+ forums within our communities. In honor of Pride Month, we are hosting a virtual Pride silent disco, a QLGB-Tea Time, a booth at local Pride events, and a drag story time for our LGBTQ+ members and their families.

Learn more about Jamf.

A Jamf employee wearing a shirt that says "Jamf proud" with Pride colors


In June, we'll host a PRIDE Parents session on Gender Identity and pronouns and provide LGBTQ+ Mental Health Services. We'll also attend the Lesbians Who Tech PRIDE Summit, where one of our employees will speak on the next-gen workforce. We'll wrap up PRIDE month by marching in the Dublin Parade and visiting museums near our office hubs.

Udemy celebrates Pride year-round through Drop-Everything-and-Listen music playlists and by recognizing Non-Binary People's Day, International Drag Day, and Bi+ Week. We also create a diverse and inclusive workplace by hosting intersectional events to ensure all employees feel valued and respected.

Learn more about Udemy.

Various Udemy team members making silly/ funny faces at a Pride event


Esri’s ERG, Prism, is an inclusive queer network that offers a sense of belonging by advocating for positive change and encouraging Pride across our diverse community. Prism has partnered with our HR department to provide gender-affirming health care, pronoun stickers for employee and event badges, and inclusive training and hiring practices. Prism provides a discussion space, virtual meetings, workshops, and a resource hub with pronoun sharing guidance, an LGBTQIA+ term glossary, and a guide to policies and benefits. We also advocate for inclusive language and showcase examples of how LGBTQIA+ issues intersect with our industry, geographic information systems.

Learn more about Esri.

Two quotes from Esri team members about how being members of Prism has helped them find inclusion in the workplace

UnitedHealth Group

Celebrating Pride Month and supporting our LGBTQ+ talent always.

At UnitedHealth Group, Pride Month is a time for our people to celebrate their authentic selves and our inclusive culture. Our dedication to inclusion extends beyond employee celebrations. We have established initiatives to ensure all employees feel supported. The PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) and LGBTQ+ Inclusion Pods are part of the efforts. ERGs offer a platform for employees to connect, share experiences and contribute to diversity initiatives while Inclusion Pods provide mentorship and leadership guidance to individuals from our ERG communities. Learn more about what Pride means to our team members and how we support them.

Learn more about UnitedHealth Group.


Pride is a time dedicated to honoring the LGBTQ+ community and their contributions to our society and workplace. At Myriad360, we strive to provide a safe space for the LGBTQ+ and their allies within our organization. The Rainbow Alliance our LGBTQ+ ERG recently held a happy hour at our company retreat in April and provided swag bags with Myriad branded tarot decks and totes to all members that attended. This year the Rainbow Alliance will provide educational content for the entire organization throughout the month of June. As well as have trivia specifically for the ERG with special prizes which will be given out at the end of the month. Recognizing Pride Month is an important part of our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Learn more about Myriad360.

Myriad360's logo with pride colors and the text: Rainbox Alliance

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman celebrates Pride Month with stories that demonstrate our culture of inclusion and belonging, local and virtual activities by our Pride in Diversity Alliance (PrIDA) employee resource group and educational resources for leaders and all employees by our DE&I team. Throughout the month of June, employees are invited to learn about the experiences, history and modern issues impacting their LGBTQIA+ colleagues while commemorating the important contributions this community has made to our company and society.

Learn more about Northrop Grumman.


Pride Month brings Kinaxis together to honour and uplift the LGBTQIA+ community, and this effort is spearheaded by our RainbowResponse ERG. Throughout June, this dedicated group orchestrates various initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity. RainbowResponse provides a supportive platform for LGBTQIA+ employees to exchange information, narratives, and achievements, while also amplifying visibility and understanding across our workforce. This June, RainbowResponse is organizing a vibrant musical performance featuring an LGBTQIA+ artist, accompanied by delectable treats sourced from LGBTQIA+ owned eateries across our global office locations. Moreover, in collaboration with our ERGs worldwide, RainbowResponse is facilitating a roundtable discussion on the importance of embracing authenticity; and disseminating educational materials to nurture empathy and awareness.

Learn more about Kinaxis.


RelPride, one of Relativity’s Community Resource Groups (CRG), is looking forward to celebrating Pride Month in June! RelPride is bringing back our annual Queer Quiz Bowl trivia game that will test employees' knowledge about queer history. The RelPride team will also showcase local and virtual events happening in the community that offer professional development and networking opportunities. RelPride works to ensure LGBTQIA+ employees feel comfortable being authentic from day one at Relativity and for every Relativian to have a deep understanding of the LGBTQIA+ experience.

Learn more about Relativity.

Various Relativity employees at a Pride event


Each year in June, our resource groups for LGBTQ+ employees and allies – PSCUnity and Pride Alliance – lead the organization in celebrating Pride Month with activities for everyone. These groups are dedicated to creating a community of LGBTQ+ employees and allies who foster a respectful and diverse environment to support, connect, educate, advocate, and celebrate inclusive practices.

Throughout the month, there will be 5 different events taking place to celebrate Pride Month including two different speakers, a game night, the opportunity to attend the CU Pride Leadership Conference, and a flag raising ceremony to kick things off.

Learn more about Velera (formerly PSCU/Co-op Solutions).


Pride Month is an annual global celebration at Autodesk, with events produced in partnership with our Autodesk Pride Network (APN) employee resource group and our Diversity & Belonging team. This year, APN is celebrating the theme “Proudly Together” and will host a two-spirit keynote presentation, a virtual drag performance, virtual trivia events, and more. We will also be shining a spotlight on APN members throughout the month on our @AutodeskLife social channels and the Autodesk Life blog.

Explore Autodesk Careers here.

Learn more about Autodesk.


Everything’s bigger in Texas, and for MyFitnessPal, commitment to our LGBTQIA+ friends is no exception! For Pride month, we’ll be hosting an interactive online event where participants will dive deep into LGBTQIA+ history, celebrating the impact community members have had on American culture — including music, art, politics, and more! MyFitnessPal will also be making a financial donation to an organization that champions LGBTQIA+ causes. Our commitment to equity extends to our benefits as well, with LGBTQIA+-friendly partner and family planning provisions included for all. Pride month and beyond, MyFitnessPal is committed to finding ways to elevate voices from diverse and often under-represented communities.

Learn more about MyFitnessPal.

Various MyFitnessPal employees holding Pride signs inside their office

Hitachi Energy

At Hitachi Energy, we are proud of our growing Employee Resource Group in North America called Rainbow and Allies. We recently launched a Chapter for our Raleigh office aiming to amplify the voices of our LGBTQ+ colleagues and create a more inclusive workplace. We will also be sponsors of the “2024 Out! Raleigh Pride” event this summer which supports our organization’s strategic intent to attract, hire and retain a more diverse employee population for diversity of thought and action.

Learn more about Hitachi Energy.

Five Hitachi employees holding sign that says: Accelerating Pride Allyship


Camunda’s LGBTQIA+ ERG, Proud, celebrates Pride all year by fostering a supportive community for members and allies through regular virtual meetings called Kikis. Last year, Proud enhanced awareness and celebrated LGBTQIA+ contributions by sharing weekly queer facts with employees. This Pride Month, we’re excited to host an event with WeCreateSpace on intersectional LGBTQ+ allyship in the workplace. Our focus extends to educating employees about the unique experiences of individuals with multiple marginalized identities and promoting active engagement against biases to cultivate a more inclusive, remote-first workplace. Learn more about Camunda’s inclusive culture here and join our upcoming events here.

Learn more about Camunda.

Three images of Camunda team members who are part of the LGTBQIA+ community


We aim to create an environment in which our people feel accepted and included. Our LGBTQIA+ and Allies employee network, ‘CLS Pride’, plays a vital role in organizing initiatives that celebrate achievements while also highlighting the ongoing struggles, and support needed, by the broader community. Events and campaigns, held both in-person and virtually, include IDAHOT, sponsored Happy Hour for Pride month, and guest speakers to mark International Coming Out Day and Pride Month. We also offer an Employee Assistance Program, providing confidential support to help our people navigate through life's challenges, ensuring a balance between work and personal needs.

Learn more about CLS.

Various images from CLS' pride celebrations, including Pride-themed desserts.


Contentful is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for our employees. We aim to ensure our LGBTQ+ colleagues feel respected, valued and celebrated. Our benefits include assistance with family building, fertility support, and parental leave. We prioritize mental well-being, providing access to counselors and meditation pods, and our hubs offer gender-neutral bathrooms, providing a safe and comfortable space. Over the last few years, we created a tradition of celebrating Pride Month with engaging activities like karaoke and bingo in our Berlin and Denver Hubs and hosting global fireside chats to share experiences.

Learn more about Contentful.


Invesco: Stronger Together. Diversity Creates Community.

The Invesco Proud Network is a community of individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+ and allies, collaborating to create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can bring their whole self to work. Throughout June, the employee-led resource group is hosting programs around the theme Stronger Together – Diversity Creates Community.

Events include a book discussion, a session on men's mental health and body image, drag bingo and cultivating a culture of inclusion and belonging through local networking and social events.

Learn more about Invesco.

A person in a purple shirt with short hair holding a Pride flag


Workiva’s Rainbow Business Employee Resource Group (BERG) creates a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies all year round. For Pride Month this June, the BERG is excited to host several discussion circles, fireside chats and leadership table sessions to share and educate on LGBTQIA+ topics. Additionally, Pride Parade meet-ups are planned in multiple locations for members, allies and their families to gather and celebrate.

Learn more about Workiva.

Various Workiva employees at a march holding a sign that says "Workiva" in Pride colors


An inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone is accepted everywhere is a key priority for us. This Pride Month, Visa will celebrate with a series of events planned by our PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG). These events are designed to honor and commend the diversity and inclusivity of our LGBTQIA+ community, encompassed in our #LifeatVisa culture. Activities include networking lunches, social mixers, and participation in pride parades in multiple cities. Some events go beyond celebration, such as volunteering with the LGBT Asylum Project, demonstrating our commitment to the broader LGBTQIA+ community.

Throughout the year, Visa creates an inclusive environment for our LGBTQIA+ employees. Our Pride ERG events are open to all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation. PRIDE was founded on principles of inclusion, meaning everyone at Visa is welcome to join and participate. We also encourage employees to share event information with their colleagues, promoting a culture of inclusivity and celebration of diversity throughout the year. At Visa, benefits such as mental health and coaching counseling by Modern Health, medical insurance coverage, and family and emergency leave policies take a holistic approach towards defining family. We continually strive to cultivate a workplace that respects and appreciates the unique identities and experiences of each of our employees.

Learn more about Visa.

Hear from Visa's LGBTQ+ leaders & allies on what PRIDE means to them


Here at Zapier, we take pride in being a fully remote, global company. Our PRIZM resource group is dedicated to supporting our LGBTQIA+ community through monthly meetups, uplifting Pride Month events, as well as year-round events for Remembrance days, Visibility days, and major holidays.

Our focus during Pride month is to unite our members. This year, we’re excited to host several events, including a Queer Joy photo contest to celebrate local Pride events, engaging mini-games, and hosting a class about the cultural impact of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Learn more about Zapier.

Dassault Systemes

At Dassault Systemes, our goal is to foster LGBTQIA+ support all year round by creating an environment where all employees feel they can bring their whole selves to work. To celebrate PRIDE month this year, our PRIDE Erg will be hosting virtual Drag Queen Bingo. This allows all employees to participate regardless of location. Additionally, offices across the US will be hosting local events to further support our objective of creating a safe space.

Learn more about Dassault Systèmes.

Various Dassault employees holding Pride flags

Zeta Global

Zeta Pride, our Employee Resource Group (ERG), is a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ members and allies. To celebrate Pride Month, Zeta Global is hosting events like hybrid Drag Bingo and an in-person Drink & Draw session. To encourage inclusivity and personal expression, employees are invited to update their pronouns in Workday, which will also reflect in their email signatures. Additionally, we offer self-paced learning opportunities on allyship and transgender identity through Paradigm’s micro-learnings, along with a Pride Month reading list and pronoun primer. Through these efforts, Zeta Global is committed to creating a supportive environment for all employees during Pride Month and beyond.

Learn more about Zeta Global.

Four Zeta employees in front of a truck with a sign saying: New York City's LGBTQ+ marching band


This year, we’re supporting LGBTQ+ communities with commitments to help fund and celebrate inclusive spaces that foster belonging for all. Learn how we’re building this belonging through more inclusive workplaces, co-creation in products, and unlocking opportunity in society. We’re aiming to make sure every Googler feels seen, connected, supported, and empowered to participate fully. Learn about our employee resource group, PRIDE at Google. join in on the celebration with 8 ways to “Find Pride” with Google this year, and apply to open roles today.

Learn more about Google.

The word PRIDE but the letter "E" is designed like the Pride flag


NASCAR is proud to support the LGBTQ+ community in June and all year round through events produced by PRIDE+, our LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, and our Diversity & Inclusion department. Each June, PRIDE+ puts on a fashion show highlighting our Pride merchandise line to NASCAR employees and encourages ERG members to participate by modeling the merchandise. We would work closely with the LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce in Orlando and Charlotte to promote networking with the communities in which our employees live.

Learn more about NASCAR.

T. Rowe Price

PRIDE @ T. Rowe Price, our associate-led business resource group (BRGs), is hosting an event spotlighting how inclusive storytelling principles and active listening can help build a safer, more inclusive workplace and support the LGBTQ+ community in the ongoing journey toward inclusion and equality. As we mark Pride Month as both a personal and communal celebration of visibility, perseverance, and dignity, a few of our associates highlighted the importance of our BRG in creating space to share their lived experiences as members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community. Learn more at

Learn more about T. Rowe Price.

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