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Thrive as an account manager at RTB House!

Thrive as an account manager at RTB House!

An account manager is at the heart of ensuring clients are successful. Watch the video to the end to learn how to join RTB House and thrive as an account manager!

How does an account manager work? What does the role involve? Bryan Hernandez, director of account management, Pam Kazadi, senior account manager, and Michael Toledo, associate director of account management at RTB House, give you a quick intro to RTB House and walk you through a day in the life of a senior account manager. Finally, you’ll gain some insight into what they look for in candidates and how to crush the interview process.

At RTB House, the account manager is at the core of maximizing client success, perfecting ad placements, and optimizing user experiences. Learn how account managers are instrumental in maintaining the right synergy between brands and users. Discover the depth and impact of this critical position at RTB House, a global technology leader in online advertising.

The interview process for an account manager role consists of four rounds of interviews. The first round is an interview with a talent acquisition specialist. This is an opportunity for the talent acquisition specialist to vet the candidate and ask questions about their career background and work requirements. The second round allows the hiring manager/director to talk with the candidate to get a sense and feel for who they are and gauge if the client is a great fit for the role, team, and company culture. The third round involves a business challenge task. The challenge lets a candidate showcase their knowledge and abilities. If the candidate proceeds to this stage, they can present their thinking to the hiring committee. In the final round, the candidate will have an interview with the human resource business partner.

Account manager’s profile

RTB House looks for people with excellent communication and presentation skills. The account manager will manage all communication with new and existing clients and between all internal stakeholders within various departments. Account managers lead all assigned account integrations and provide a top-level onboarding experience for their clients. They must show proficiency in highly developed, analytical, and problem-solving skills to create marketing strategies to help grow their clients’ businesses and optimize the performance of their campaigns in line with goals. Lastly, relationship building is essential for an account manager to build, grow, and maintain client relationships.

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Get to Know Bryan Hernandez, Pam Kazadi, and Michael Toledo

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RTB House is a global company that provides state-of-the-art marketing technologies for top brands worldwide. Its proprietary ad-buying engine is the first and only in the world to be powered entirely by Deep Learning algorithms, enabling advertisers to generate outstanding results and reach their short, mid, and long-term goals.

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