What Alex Chalekian Had to Say About Ken Fisher After His Remarks at the Tiburon CEO Summit

Disturbed by remarks made by Ken Fisher (Founder of Fisher Investments) at the Tiburon CEO Summit, Alex Chalekian took to Twitter to recap what occurred and share his concern. Watch the full video or read a transcript of his remarks below:

"Hey everyone, it's Alex Chalekian. I just got back from the Tiburon CEO Summit Dinner. So far I've enjoyed the conference. Appreciate Chip Roame and his team's hospitality.

Everything has been absolutely fantastic, except for one little thing. And if you're here at the conference, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It was a fireside chat with Ken Fisher. It was a true debacle. It was horrible. Things that were said by Ken Fisher were just absolutely horrifying.

He made comments about genitalia, talked about picking up on a girl, and don't show 'em what's in your pants... he made a reference to Jeffrey Epstein, talked about charities are immoral, mentioned things about tripping on acid... and other inappropriate comments at the conference. And talking to some of the men and women, they were disgusted by this.

Many of the women expressed to me that this is one of the reasons they don't like coming to these conferences, it makes them feel very uncomfortable and this obviously doesn't help the situation. And I know we're not supposed to talk about these things, especially the way the summit is set up, it's meant to allow for many of these icons in the industry to be comfortable and talk amongst their peers, but I just had to open up and mention how disgusted I am...

Come to find out talking to others at the conference, this is just the tip of the iceberg, Ken Fisher is actually known for making these types of comments in and around the workplace with his employees. One of his past employees told me that he had made a comment to them talking about the fact that he thinks that slavery should have never been abolished... things that are just blowing my mind.

And I am truly horrified and disgusted. When I was listening to all this stuff, I didn't know if this was a joke or what was going on. I was a deer in headlights, just my jaw dropped. We need to change this. We need to change it now. And I was truly disappointed in what occurred."

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