DEIB Business Solutions | Learn More About Our Speakers!

DEIB Business Solutions | Learn More About Our Speakers!

On October 13, 2022, PowerToFly welcomed a group of wonderful speakers to share their learnings and expertise.

Speakers and topics included:

How Building A Diverse Team Is A Win/Win with Jon Ebner

Eliminating implicit bias so that your diverse team can thrive is not only the ethical thing to do — it can also ensure that your organization wins in the market. Join Job Ebner as he explains strategies to deal with implicit bias in the workplace, the advantages of diverse teams, and how to build one that delivers the results you want for your business.

You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure: DEIB Progress Begins With Data with Pam Yang

DEIB efforts have been around for decades, yet 2020 showed us how little progress we've made and how little accountability there is. Two years later, we have no way of knowing how those prolific commitments and proclamations hold up against real results; progress cannot be understood without data and we have so little of it. In this talk, Pam Yang explains why publicly tracking workforce data — and being transparent with that data — is the only way to ensure that companies are accountable to their commitments and devise sustainable solutions that drive real results.

Rewire Your Brain for Belonging with Keshawn Hughes

Did you know that our brains are wired for bias? Although a helpful tool for our hunter gatherer ancestors to assess threats, it’s not so helpful when trying to build an inclusive workplace. In this talk with neurocoach Keshawn Hughes, you’ll gain neuroscience-based insights on why our brains are programmed for bias, and learn gentle, effective ways to rewire them for belonging. You’ll come away with strategies to cultivate inclusive behaviors, experiences, and spaces for belonging to thrive.

Reducing the Gender Wage Gap: Getting Parental Leave Right with Dirk Doebler

90% of the gender wage gap is attributable to parenthood, which stalls and often derails the careers of birthing people. How a company addresses — or doesn’t address — employees welcoming a new child will dictate career outcomes for years to come, and it’s easy for employers to get it wrong. Join Dirk Doebler, former CFO, founder and CEO of Parento, the first and only provider for paid parental leave insurance, to discuss best practices to craft a holistic paid parental leave policy and approach for working parents. Equitable parental leave policies can not only retain birthing people in the workforce, but support them on their career paths, while still considering budget concerns.

Fertility Benefits: A Critical Piece of DEIB with Riley Steinmetz

Fertility healthcare and family forming impact more employees than you might expect. One in eight couples will experience infertility; 63% of the LGBTQ+ community plans to grow their family, but support for donor-assisted reproduction and adoption is rare; completely normal aspects of hormonal aging, such as menopause and low testosterone, may be impacting leaders at your company who are suffering in silence. Comprehensive fertility benefits can support all of these populations as part of your DEIB efforts. Join Riley Steinmetz, Associate Vice President of Integrated Marketing at Carrot Fertility, to learn how fertility benefits work, what to look for in inclusive fertility benefits, and how to make the case for support to your HR team.

The Worksite Mental Health Crisis Is Real. Here’s What To Do About It with Deryk Van Brunt, DrPH

Workplace stressors that create mental health crises are a pervasive problem, costing 1 trillion dollars globally in productivity loss each year. Yet, mental health is still a taboo topic, often thought of as a personal problem that individuals are responsible for addressing on their own. The workplace of the future sees itself as a partner with employees to address their mental health needs. In this talk, Deryk Van Brunt, DrPH, CEO of CredibleMind and Clinical Professor at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, will explain how companies can improve health equity among their employees and continue to attract and retain talent, while still protecting their bottom line.

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