Your Job In The Energy Industry Is Closer Than You Think! Get Insights On How To Prepare For It

Your Job In The Energy Industry Is Closer Than You Think! Get Insights On How To Prepare For It

💎Getting a job in the energy industry requires you to show how your skills are relevant to the field. Watch the video to the end to learn how to highlight them in your recruiting process.

📼Looking for a job in the energy industry? Heather Wagner, Recruiter, and Amanda Scholl, Senior Corporate Recruiter at EnerSys, go over the application and the interview process and give you some tips on how to prepare to get your dream position.

📼 Applying for a job in the energy industry requires an effective resume to make recruiters stop and want to learn more about a candidate. First, start with a creative header, which would include your name, location, and contact details. Then describe what your accomplishments were for each job listed on your resume in a bullet list format. That will make it easy to read. Last, use keywords that were used in the original job posting you want to apply for. You should let your resume tell a story about you and your career path.

📼A job in an energy industry such as EnerSys includes six core values that every employee is held to. These are teamwork, energy, EOS (EnerSys Operating Systems), accountability, safety in the company’s environment, and customer experience. All employees are assessed against these cultural values in their annual performance reviews. Typically, recruiters use the STAR format for interviews, which allows a candidate to walk them through a specific scenario related to a core value. This way, recruiters get to see the candidate’s thought process, analysis, and reasoning skills.

Skills For A Job In The Energy Industry - Real-Life Experience Matters

While schools and universities can offer invaluable skills, real-life experience is valuable as well. Work experiences from anything from on-the-job training to internships can provide the skills needed to find the formula to success in your career. Life experiences such as volunteer work, community service programs, and freelance jobs, can also provide valuable skills that are transferable to the workplace, such as teamwork, communication skills, relationship building, and dependability. Don’t forget to share all of your valuable experiences during your recruiting process!

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Get to Know Heather Wagner And Amanda Scholl

Heather is a Recruiter who helped with the hiring of amazingly talented teams. Amanda is an experienced Senior Recruitment Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the utilities and energy industries. If you are interested in a career at EnerSys, you can connect with them on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to mention this video!

More About EnerSys

EnerSys is an industrial technology leader serving the global community with mission-critical stored energy solutions that meet the growing demand for energy efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. A passion drives them to provide people everywhere with accessible power to help them work and live better. They produce excellence today and work with their customers on new solutions helping them win tomorrow. They are never satisfied because they know that your world changes every day. That’s why they are constantly innovating and exploring new ways of thinking to find solutions that address your challenges.

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