8 Non-Tech Remote Jobs for 2024

8 Non-Tech Remote Jobs for 2024

Are you looking for remote work but lacking tech experience? Well, good news then. Opportunities like this are growing more and more. And for different reasons.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend as companies adapted to remote work models for safety reasons, leading to a greater acceptance and normalization of remote work arrangements among employers and employees alike. The pandemic was over, and the trend continued. Advancements in technology enabled seamless collaboration and communication from anywhere. People, especially in large cities, but not only, began to save time by avoiding traffic jams when commuting to work.

Despite the challenges of working from home — like setting boundaries, time management, and maintaining your mental health — many people have opted for remote work opportunities. In addition to saving time on your commute, working remotely allows you to choose where you live and, in some cases, what hours you work.

Up until recently, most remote jobs were tech-related roles. But nowadays, you can find just about any type of role in any industry with remote possibilities. You don't need to identify as a tech professional (i.e. engineer, developer, data scientist, etc.) to find a work-from-home job you love!

Here are some examples of great non-tech remote jobs for you to consider in 2024 so you can kiss rush hour goodbye.


1. Online Counselor: $68, 084 (National Average for a Therapist)

Among millennials (born between 1981 and 1996), depression is the fastest-growing health condition. Millennials have been called the therapy generation, attending therapy in record numbers and convincing loved ones to go too. And, with the increased need for therapy, remote, online options have made their way to the forefront of mental health care. Online Counselors are now able to help clients remotely through text, calls, and video chat!

Why this works remotely: As an online counselor you are doing what you normally do with a patient, just with a screen that separates you. Also, some patients who are reluctant to attend therapy in-person may feel more comfortable opening up in a virtual setting.

2. Remote Nurse/PA: $80,321 (National Average for a Remote Nurse)

You may perform a variety of duties including triage (online or over the phone), patient education, care management, patient outreach, and central support to practice operations.

Why this works remotely: It may sound shocking that a healthcare practitioner could work remotely, but now more than ever people are eager to get medical advice before making a trip to the ER. They also need advice when trying to gauge if they need to seek medical attention or when they feel too sick to make a trip to the office but know they're ill.

Remote Jobs in Healthcare


3. Executive Assistant: $64,456 (National average for Remote Executive Assistant)

Are you good at wearing multiple hats and supporting c-level staff? Then being an EA may be a great option for you. In this role, you would be responsible for scheduling, travel, project management, and general support tasks.

Why this works remotely: While some executives like to have their EA right by their sides, executives who work remotely or who don't want to feel micromanaged prefer to have their support a phone call or email away.

Remote Executive Assistant Jobs

4. Project Manager: $102,682 (National average for Remote Project Manager)

A great project manager can develop a strategic plan and execute all of its deliverables independently or collaboratively. The best project managers can do all of that in their pajamas.

Jokes aside, while there are plenty of technical project management positions, there are also non-technical projects that need someone skilled in strategy and cross-team collaboration who can take great ideas across the finish line.

Why this works remotely: Communication is essential in this role, but that doesn't mean that you need to be in an office. Internal communication tools like Slack, Trello, Asana, and Basecamp can help you stay organized with your team and stay on task.

Remote Project Management Jobs

Sales and Marketing

5. Business Development Manager: $85,602 (National average for Remote Business Development Manager)

Bringing in new business will make you the shining star of any company that you work for, which is a big part of the reason why so many companies hire Business Development Managers and other account managers remotely. This role requires targeting new sales and developing a profitable sales pipeline and often a good bit of travel to meet new clients.

Why this works remotely: Business Development Representatives typically reach out to prospects via phone and email, and with clients located all over the country (and the world), there's less incentive for companies to restrict their BDRs to an office.

Remote Business Development Jobs

6. Content Marketing Manager: $77,858 (National Average for Remote Content Marketing Manager)

A skilled Content Manager oversees and manages all of a company’s content production. They’re in charge of creating, editing, and publishing original content, and ensuring it adheres to the company's voice and brand guidelines.

Why this works remotely: For the most part a content manager works independently, making this an excellent remote job. Similar to previous positions listed here, communication is important but the vast number of communication tools make this so much easier to execute on your deliverables remotely.

Remote Marketing Jobs


7. Counsel: $60,327 (National average for Legal Counsel)

Companies seeking in-house counsel are looking for legal aid in commercial contracts, advice, negotiations, and more. While you would likely need a JD in the state that your company's headquarters is in, it does not mean that you have to work in the office, just in the same state.

Why this works remotely: Because most legal positions are behind the scenes, there is less of a need for them to be in the office daily.

Remote Jobs for Legal Professionals


8. Instructional Designer: $106,072 (per year in the New York, NY area)

The transition to a skills-based economy, where companies are prioritizing skills over degrees and experience, has resulted in a surge in demand for corporate learning. Organizations are investing in upskilling and reskilling as never before. Instructional designers are key in this professional development and upskilling process. They are tasked with designing courses or curriculums and creating training materials, such as teaching manuals, student guides, assessments, and learning metrics.

Why this works remotely: Most instructional design work is done independently. Like previous positions listed here, communication is important, and the vast number of communication tools on the market make it easier to execute on your deliverables remotely.

Remote Jobs for Instructional Designers


If you are wondering if your role can be done remotely, first take a look at your day-to-day tasks. How often are you needed for face-to-face interactions? Is the majority of your work done digitally? Which technologies would you need to do your job remotely? Your answers to these questions will help you determine if you need to work in an office or if you can venture out and seek remote roles in the same field.

Another thing to consider is that working at a tech company doesn't always entail being directly involved in technical roles. Many non-tech positions are vital to the success of these companies, offering remote opportunities for individuals with diverse skill sets. Roles such as Customer Success Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Sales Associates, Marketing Specialists, and Human Resources professionals are in high demand and offer the flexibility of remote work. As remote work continues to grow, these positions present promising opportunities for individuals seeking rewarding careers in the tech industry without the need for technical expertise.

Explore your options today.

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