How Tenable is Paving the Way for Cybersecurity and Diverse Innovation

Are you looking for a place to grow as a global tech leader? Tenable might be the place for you.

The current era of digital transformation has opened up a new world of interconnected power grids, which include devices, IoTs, Cloud, DevOps, and Mobility. This has led to the creation of the “modern cyber attack surface,” which puts all power grids to risk. In this increasingly connected paradigm, there is a greater need for cybersecurity, which Tenable has pioneered.

Keep on reading to learn more about how Tenable is paving the way for cybersecurity innovation and you can build a career with them.

Assessing Risks and Finding Solutions

As the world’s first Cyber Exposure platform, Tenable serves over 40,000 customers worldwide, 50% being Fortune 500 companies. Several of their accomplishments include pioneering the IT Vulnerability Management market with the creator of Nessus, “which is now the world’s most widely deployed IT vulnerability assessment solution.” Understanding the importance of IT vulnerability and management, Tenable was created to help companies understand their risk at all times, from IT to Cloud and IoT (Internet of Things) to OT (Operational Technology). With this information, companies can act accordingly and set up a cybersecurity that will minimize their present and future exposure to risk.

In order to do this, Tenable helps clients answer four main questions, so that anyone from tech workers to leadership can clearly understand where their company stands risk-wise. The four questions are: “Where are we exposed? Where should we prioritize based on risk? Are we reducing our exposure over time? How do we compare to our peers?” With these four questions, Tenable arms all kinds of organizations with the information and readiness to face today’s increasing cybersecurity risk.

Career Destination for Diverse Tech Leaders

Tenable has great aspirations and objectives, starting with their employees. Tenable “strives to be a career destination” for diverse global tech leaders. As the #OneTenable Team, Tenable follows four core values:

  1. One Tenable. People work together to win together. Everyone is on the same team, whether it is a client, a customer, partner, or a stakeholder. Tenable celebrates success together as a team. Leadership listens and takes action to “enhance the experience of [their] teams,” whether at home or at the office.
  2. Deliver Results. Tenable “sets high goals, takes bold risks, measures honestly and delivers results that exceed expectations.” This core value is proven by their track record of leading innovative initiatives in digital transformation and cybersecurity.
  3. Care. Tenable cares for the employee, the community, the customers, and the colleagues. Employees are given the opportunity to grow by joining any of their five ERGs: Asians@Tenable, Black@Tenable, Pride@Tenable, Veterans@Tenable, and Women@Tenable. These ERGs provide a place for employees to learn from one another, “to network, share cross-cultural experiences, participate in community service projects and learn together through professional development opportunities.”
  4. The Work Matters. The work at Tenable is impactful and “makes a difference in the world.” The importance of cybersecurity is increasing, impacting strategic business decisions for every company in the future.

Multiple Benefit Plans at Tenable

Tenable offers multiple benefit plans that include hybrid work, professional development, tuition reimbursement programs, and more. Their goal is to help all employees achieve an ideal work/life balance. Employees speak well about this initiative, saying they have found a place where they matter and can put their talents to use in an innovative workplace.

Tenable’s work was recognized with six workplace and culture awards in 2021, including Best Company for Diversity, Best Company for Women, and Best Company Culture (Comparably). Furthemore, The Washington Post named Tenable a Top Workplace in 2021 for a third year in a row. As they continue to blaze the trail of cybersecurity, they are striving and succeed at offering the #OneTenable team is an innovative, accepting, and diverse workplace.

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