Preparing for 2022: Talent Acquisition Strategies

Watch this free recording featuring leaders from PowerToFly, 15five, Lever and Crosschq

Preparing for 2022: Talent Acquisition Strategies

Has the Great Resignation impacted your workforce? PowerToFly's Global Director of DEI Sienna Brown joined leaders from Lever and Crosschq for this special webinar hosted by 15five, a human-centered performance management platform, to present a free webinar on the practices and pitfalls of talent acquisition and retention through a diverse lens.

Sienna and her co-panelists discuss common talent acquisition mistakes made in 2021 and how to build stronger strategies for 2022. Learn what top talent seeks in a company and what will set up your organization for long-term success when it comes to recruitment and hiring.

Watch the free recording here

What You Will Learn

  • Which stages of the talent acquisition process you need to re-evaluate
  • Best practices for identifying and filling talent gaps in your organization
  • How to hire more diversely and inclusively without bias
  • What resources and technologies can boost your talent acquisition efforts
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