Inside Velera's Chargeback Dispute Processing team: Your career starts here!

Inside Velera's Chargeback Dispute Processing team: Your career starts here!

💎 Discover the dynamic world of the Chargeback Dispute Processing team at Velera, formerly PSCU/Co-op Solutions, and imagine your career in Velera’s supportive environment. 🚀

📼 In this video, you’ll hear from Alberto Tellez Hernandez and Trey Gonzales, chargeback operations supervisors at Velera, as they introduce the vibrant Chargeback Dispute Processing team. Watch until the end to learn about exciting career opportunities, Valera’s company culture, and what qualities they look for in potential candidates. 📈

📼 Velera’s Chargeback Dispute Processing team is growing — and this video shares an inside peek into what you could expect as a team member. 🌟 The team focuses on the efficient handling of both fraud and non-fraud dispute cases while adhering to industry standards and regulations. They thrive on innovation and creativity, bringing together individuals with unique backgrounds and perspectives. 🌍 By fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, Velera ensures every team member feels valued and respected. 🤝

📼 Even more, working at Velera means being part of a collaborative environment where teamwork and open communication are prioritized. 💬 Employees receive constructive feedback to nurture their skills and development. 📚 This approach creates a positive work environment, motivating each team member to contribute their best. 🌟 The Chargeback Dispute Processing team aligns its strategies with the company's mission, consistently evaluating and adjusting to better serve clients and cardholders. 💼

Develop your skills & career with Velera's Chargeback Dispute Processing team

If you're ready to develop your analytical skills and grow your career on a team that values change and diversity, Velera’s Chargeback Dispute Processing team may be the place for you. 🌟 Check out the open positions and apply now to become part of this dynamic and inclusive team. ✨

Explore Velera’s open positions here.

Get to know Alberto Tellez Hernandez

Alberto enjoys mentoring and supporting people who have the right qualities to be leaders alongside innovative ideas that can make an impact in the workplace. If you are interested in a career at Velera, you can connect with Alberto on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to mention this video!

More About Velera, formerly PSCU/Co-op Solutions

Velera is a payment and financial technology company created by and for credit unions. They’re bringing new technology and insights to the rapidly changing financial services industry so that credit unions can compete with the big banks and grow to better serve their members. Although they are a financial technology company, they know technology is nothing without people. The company’s employees proudly advocate the credit union philosophy of People Helping People.

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