Why Women Leave Companies: 2-Minute Anonymous Survey!

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Why Women Leave Companies: 2-Minute Anonymous Survey!

There are a lot of misconceptions and contradictory data when it comes to why women leave their jobs.

According to Lean In's 2018 Women in the Workplace Report, very few women surveyed said they were leaving to focus on family, which calls into question one of the most common assumptions about why women leave.

However, other sources suggest that women are expected to - and often do - leave their jobs when childcare responsibilities come calling... in no small part due to the fact that their husbands are often making more money (or stand to do so in the long term, if they're free to work longer hours).

Furthermore, research has shown that women in tech are twice as likely to leave as men -- and that most of these departures happen mid-career, when promotions and leadership opportunities are most readily becoming available.

So, what's at the heart of the issue? And if attrition doesn't explain the gender gap in corporate leadership, then what does? We're asking you to help us understand.

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