40 companies that value workplace wellness

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In today’s fast-paced professional world, where deadlines loom large and productivity reigns supreme, the importance of mental health and well-being in the workplace cannot be overstated. Recognizing this, companies are stepping up to the plate — implementing initiatives and programs that prioritize the mental health of their team members.

Here, we’re spotlighting 40 companies that are leading the charge in workplace wellness. From unlimited vacation days to complementary therapy sessions, these organizations are setting a precedent for how businesses can truly care for their people.


Google is a global household name thanks to our Googlers.

We recognize this fact and show appreciation by providing an incredible array of employee wellness programs and services thoughtfully designed to enhance health and wellbeing and make it easy for Googlers to take good care of themselves.

The following are some examples of wellness benefits Google offers:

  • Access to mental health counselors and programs
  • Educational reimbursements
  • Support groups for underrepresented employees and allies
  • Access to fitness centers and massages on-site
  • On-site meals and snacks
  • At-home cooking and workout classes
  • Our offices also feature amenities like free haircuts, napping pods, and on-site doctors

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Mental wellness is a priority at Celonis. Our Global Employee Assistance Program offers confidential professional counseling to every Celonaut and their immediate family members to help manage life’s challenges - both personal and professional. Other wellbeing offerings include generous PTO globally, subsidized gym memberships, access to mental wellbeing apps, and a dedicated wellbeing Month this May to allow Celonauts to take time to fully recharge and refresh. Our community, Resilience@Celonis, also provides a safe space for Celonauts to share stories, show support, and offer wellbeing advice to one another.

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Jamf is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our employees and their families to be their best selves at work. We continue to invest in mental health resources and support structures in our benefits plans, or through government assisted plans, to ensure mental and behavioral health is a priority and readily available to our employees around the world. In addition to our flexible work-life culture, we offer a Jamf Cares floating holiday for employees to recharge, and virtual online therapy to help change the thoughts, habits, and behaviors that may be holding Jamfs back from feeling their best selves.

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MyFitnessPal is passionate about supporting everyone on their journey to better health. This Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ll be hosting events throughout the month of May, including an Introduction to Meditation, Maternal Mental Health, and the Small Steps, Big Impact Challenge—a 2-week challenge that helps people incorporate mental health tools in their daily routine.

MyFitnessPal has also gifted full-time employees with a free subscription to the Calm app. And while we provide our team with a wealth of resources year-round, we’ll be encouraging them to take advantage of that available assistance to support their mental health journey.

Learn more about MyFitnessPal.


At uShip, we understand the importance of promoting mental health and wellness and embedding this into the employee experience. Over the past few years, we’ve partnered with a local provider dedicated to workplace mental health and wellness. Through this collaboration, we offer a range of experiences, including guided meditations and workshops on topics like stress management, self-views, setting boundaries, and mental health awareness. Our employees are encouraged to engage in these virtual interactive classes and are given the opportunity to ask questions or share experiences.

We understand that individual needs vary, and one of our beloved benefits among our employees is our Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA). The LSA allows employees to be reimbursed up to $50 per month for various services, ranging from mindfulness and meditation classes to online talk therapy apps, fitness classes, gym memberships, massages, and more. These benefits, along with many others such as learning platforms and work-from-home/flexible schedules, are designed to foster a healthy work environment and support our employees where needed.

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Freddie Mac

At Freddie Mac, we prioritize employee well-being to support peak performance both at work and in life. Our Employee Assistance Program offers confidential counseling for employees and family members, complemented by on-site and virtual medical services. We offer comprehensive leave options which include vacation, bereavement, sick, short- and long-term disability, caregiving, and paid parental leave, along with special provisions like our new moms program and pet insurance. We also support financial wellness through workshops covering college and retirement planning, debt management, and personalized financial counseling. By investing in our employees’ holistic health and financial stability, we help ensure they have the support needed to thrive personally and make Freddie Mac home to well-being.

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Elastic takes the mental health of all Elasticians seriously. The company takes a global approach with it’s Be.Well program that covers all aspects of well-being. The program offers digital counseling services, health insurance with advocacy services for Elasticians and their familiar, and compassionate leave on top of regular paid time off. Plus, Elastic’s flexible work policies and distributed work environment allow Elasticians to work when and where they work best

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It’s OK is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and support within the Cummins community. It serves as a centralized hub for resources, information, and tools designed to help employees navigate and prioritize their mental well-being. In 2024, the It’s OK program is focusing on four facets that intricately link to overall wellness: physical, mental, financial and social.

Learn more about Cummins.


Shure Incorporated

You can’t sound good if you don’t feel good!

At Shure, the well-being of Associates is a top priority. We consistently survey best practices and market research to offer our teams a competitive and comprehensive rewards package that address physical, mental, financial, and overall well-being. We promote a culture of work/life flexibility and are proud to offer several benefits to directly support mental health such as free 24/7 access to a network of mental health providers and twelve visits each year for Associates and eligible family members, free membership to Care.com for your family care needs, an annual lifestyle reimbursement to encourage travel, self-care, and general wellness, and a variety of wellness fairs, meditation guidance, stress management, and snack events to keep everyone balanced.

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Veracode’s shorthand for our approach to employee wellbeing is ‘we’ve got you!’. We believe in taking a holistic approach to mind and body wellness and in addition to providing our employees with access to premium healthcare coverage including reimbursement for gym and weightloss expenditure, we offer complementary access to virtual resources such as Calm.com and burnalong (physical and mental wellness and nutrition). We also offer regular whole company Recharge Days and in our offices you’ll find a huge selection of healthy snacks and beverages – all freely available to our employees.

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Stryker is proud to enhance its commitment to employee well-being with a new global mental health and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider. This partnership will offer employees and their family members access to a range of confidential, comprehensive, and convenient mental health services. These include up to 10 free coaching or counseling sessions per year, support from care navigators in their preferred language and a variety of EAP services such as financial, legal, child/elder care consultations, and even identity theft support. Follow @strykercareers on social media to keep up with the different way our employees achieve wellbeing at Stryker!

Learn more about Stryker.

Pitney Bowes

At Pitney Bowes, “Our focus on mental wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing,” says Elysa Jacobs Cruse, Senior Manager, Wellbeing Programs.

“To improve access, we partner with a provider for quicker access to free, confidential counseling and coaching. The median waiting time for an appointment is one day, and the satisfaction rate is 97%.” Elysa also notes that in 2023, we launched a Noticing and Responding workshop that focused on stigma reduction and supporting challenges faced by individuals with mental health issues. “A select group of employees completed Mental Health First Aid Certification, a national certification. We provide webinars on topics including anxiety, and emotional intelligence and offer biweekly 15-minute guided meditation sessions.”

Learn more about Pitney Bowes.


At ServiceNow, we’re committed to helping our employees and their loved ones live their best lives. We offer an array of benefits, programs, education, and engagement opportunities to support their mental health and well-being. This includes access to mental and physical health counselors via Lyra and Crossover Health, 1:1 expert guidance and resources for family planning and care, and financial well-being and saving resources. In May, we’ll be hosting WellFest, our global internal well-being “festival,” with a lineup of in-person and virtual events (shown below), including dance and nutrition classes, massages, and sleep webinars (in select regions), as well as giveaways. We also aim to promote employee well-being year-round by offering well-being days, flexible PTO, a 30-day work-from-anywhere benefit (conditions apply), and more to enable employees to recharge.

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The schedule of events for ServiceNow's WellFest 2024

Jama Software

At Jama Software®, we place a high priority on the emotional well-being of our employees. To create an environment where employees may thrive, we provide a variety of programs, such as wellness challenges, flexible work schedules, a virtual-first workplace, and a broad array of other available activities. Thanks to online self-paced programs (MyStrength) for stress, depression, sleep, and more; an Employee Assistance Program with 24/7 support, financial and legal resources, and live webinars; and behavioral health telehealth visits available 24/7 through the insurance plan, our employees can access the support they need whenever they need it.

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Our employees are the engine driving our company, so their mental health and well-being are always our top priority. They can access our free Employee Assistance Program available 24/7 that helps in various areas to support their mental well-being. We also celebrate a Wellness Month with activities like yoga sessions, stress resiliency workshops, and more. During Wellness Days, quarterly paid days off for the entire company, Dynatracers take a break and recharge. We also provide flexible PTO programs including MyTime, our unlimited PTO program in the U.S. By prioritizing our employees' well-being, we're working to create a culture where our people feel valued, cared for, and fulfilled.

Learn more about Dynatrace.

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Dassault Systèmes

At Dassault Systèmes, we believe that taking time off supports better physical and mental health, closer relationships, and new and fresh perspectives. Our program, called My Time, gives you the flexibility you deserve and empowers you to take the time off you wish. In addition, our dedicated People Care resource team is available to handle all employee concerns. Our partner KGA through our benefits group offers monthly seminars, free to all employees. Outpatient mental health services are also a part of our standard health benefits plans.

Learn more about Dassault Systèmes.

Northrop Grumman

At Northrop Grumman, we recognize mental health is an important component of overall health. Our commitment to ensuring employees feel supported starts by providing resources to help them be their best, in work and life. Our workplace culture is one where everyone can thrive, which is why we openly discuss and encourage our employees to access mental health care. From free confidential counseling to interactive digital tools, our NGCare Employee Assistance Program, can help employees and their family members access the right resources at the right time.

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At Netskope, we deeply value our employees’ well-being and take the following steps to facilitate a healthy work-life balance:

  • Global Wellness Days: Once a quarter, the company takes a day off to rest, recharge, and engage in activities that bring employee's joy
  • Wellness Challenges: Employees are encouraged to participate in quarterly, month-long wellness challenges through the FitOn app, either tracking their daily steps or following virtual workouts
  • Employee Birthday: Employees receive PTO to celebrate their special day
  • Lyra: Our mental wellness benefit gives employees and their dependents 12 free coaching or therapy sessions per year. Lyra also provides a wide array of self-led wellness tools for Netskopers to reference.

Learn more about Netskope.


At Relativity, we believe that supporting employee mental health is crucial for fostering a healthy and productive work environment. Our initiatives include:

  • Company-wide Shutdowns: Two one-week breaks for employees to recharge and focus on their well-being.
  • Unlimited Time Off: To prioritize self-care and manage their work-life balance effectively.
  • Global Parental Leave: 20 weeks of fully paid leave to birthing and non-birthing parents.
  • Well-being Apps: Premium subscriptions to apps such as Headspace for global employees and MyStrength and WeCare for UK-based employees to promote mindfulness and stress management.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Relativity's EAP offers free confidential counseling and support services to assist employees facing personal or work-related challenges. This program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through online resources, counseling via telephone and up to three in-person counseling sessions per person, per issue, per year.
  • Community Resource Groups: Relativity has eight voluntary, employee-led Community Resource Groups (CRGs) that serve to create safe spaces for employees to connect in meaningful and personal ways. While each group strengthens employee well-being, one of Relativity's CRGs, RelMind, is dedicated to building awareness of differences in neurodiversity, promoting best practices for mental health and establishing an environment that fosters support and acknowledgement of all Relativians.

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Udemy offers resources like Headspace with guided sessions covering stress, anxiety, sleep, productivity, and physical health. Additionally, we have Modern Health, a mental health platform that provides free 1:1 sessions with therapists and certified coaches, with ten sessions annually per person and dependents. These platforms ensure comprehensive mental well-being support, addressing various aspects of emotional health and providing accessible resources for our team members and their families. Finally, we have an Emotional & Mental Health Oversight (EMO) Employee Resource Group for peer-to-peer support for our colleagues and to be their advocates and allies.

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The wellbeing of our employees is an integral part of Workiva culture and it all begins with our “work where you work best” approach. This flexibility allows employees to work from whatever environment they feel the most comfortable in. Through our partnership with Modern Health, a mental health platform, employees and their families gain free access to one-on-one therapy, coaching and more. Workiva has also committed to four company-wide wellbeing days (one each quarter) where all employees have the day off to recharge. Additionally, we know community is important for wellbeing, and our seven business employee resource groups encourage employees to connect and support one another.

Learn more about Workiva.

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At Vizient, we prioritize the well-being of our employees because we understand the importance of their overall success. Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to supporting their journey and empowering them to thrive. We recognize that by investing in the well-being of our employees, we can enhance our ability to deliver high-value care to patients and communities across the nation.

As part of our commitment to our employees’ mental health and wellbeing, we encourage all employees to take advantage of the benefits available and actively engage with them.

We are proud to offer comprehensive and generous benefits, such as:

  • nine company (paid) holidays and one floating (paid) holiday
  • 25 days of PTO for full-time employees at time of hire
  • five (paid) volunteer days off
  • complimentary mental-health services through Lyra
  • family building benefits through Progyny
  • access to Headspace to manage stress, fall asleep, be more present, and exercise mindfulness
  • caregiving benefits through Homethrive
  • musculoskeletal benefit for back and joint pain through Hinge Health

Learn more about Vizient.


At Esri, we prioritize employee well-being. Our partnerships offer free or low-cost mental health apps and counseling for employees and their dependents. During our annual Wellness Week, we empower our colleagues with resources on mental and emotional health. Plus, our flexible schedules allow for volunteering, running errands, and pursuing personal interests. Lunchtime workouts, walks around campus, or coffee chats with colleagues are small ways that employees balance their work and self-care during the day, as well. Esri values employees as whole individuals and works to meet their needs at each stage of their lives.

Learn more about Esri.

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We take a holistic approach to wellbeing guided by our values - Protect, Improve and Grow. Initiatives like regular learning sessions, virtual yoga, community events and extra time off support our people in taking proactive steps to look after their health. With physical and mental first aiders, dedicated wellbeing rooms and breakout areas, our offices offer space and opportunities for our people to think and recalibrate. We complement these initiatives with events designed to inspire meaningful conversations among our people on holistic and inclusive wellbeing.

Learn more about CLS.

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Wolters Kluwer

At Wolters Kluwer, we believe in fostering a workplace that prioritizes well-being. Our well-being benefits provide tools, programs, and resources to help our diverse employees feel healthy, happy, safe, and prosperous. You’ll find rewards and benefits that support all aspects of your life to help you feel good emotionally, embrace physical health, stay connected socially, and live well financially – Together We Thrive.

We have colleagues all over the world who take the initiative to set up well-being programs. Our colleague Donato Colatorti was invited by a colleague to run over a decade ago and since then he never stopped! His passion for running helped him complete two marathons this year and motivated him to establish the Wolters Kluwer running group. Read Donato’s story here.

Learn more about Wolters Kluwer.

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Through our Employee Assistance Program, Nestlé offers counseling and coaching services in addition to online programs designed to improve your emotional wellbeing. We have partnered with Spring Health to offer you and your eligible household members access to mental health care. From checking off daily tasks to working on more complex concerns, your Mental Wellbeing Support through Spring Health offers a variety of resources, tools and services. Learn more about our employee mental wellbeing support here.

Learn more about Nestlé.

Co-op Solutions

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness month, in addition to the continuous offerings team members have like premium access to the Calm App and company paid for EAP services, we will be hosting a series called “Wellness Wednesday” with a different wellness topic each Wednesday. These topics include Desk Yoga, Avoiding Burnout, Developing Grit, and Making Connections. We also are hosting two interactive sessions to talk about our mental health experiences and how we have learned to heal and learn about strategies to care for our minds.

Learn more about Co-op Solutions.

UnitedHealth Group

How UnitedHealth Group supports team member mental health and well-being: At UnitedHealth Group, we’re committed to helping our team members feel their best. A key part of wellness is mental health. We support our team members with resources like our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP offers confidential counseling for personal and professional issues. It’s available 24/7 to help immediately address stress, anxiety and depression concerns. It also extends to financial and legal support. Complementing these services, we give team members access to the AbleTo app for self-care and therapy services, discounted gym memberships as well as rewards for wellness goals.

Learn more about UnitedHealth Group.



At Moody's, we support our employees’ mental health and wellbeing through a comprehensive range of programs and resources aimed at creating a workplace where our employees feel both valued and inspired. We are proud to have a global inclusive parental leave policy for all new parents, free and confidential counselling services through our Employee Assistance Program and an Open Door Policy that creates a space where our employees can feel comfortable raising issues that impact their mental health. We also have regional Moody’s Minds groups, which are business resource groups that aim to destigmatize mental health and offer a safe space for employees through a variety of events and initiatives.

Learn more about Moody’s.


At Culture Amp, we believe that fostering a culture of understanding, empathy, and support is not just essential but fundamental to our collective well-being.

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month and the 2024 theme, “Where to Start”, we are spotlighting several of the programs we have in place to support Camper’s well-being to provide them with a starting place. All Camper’s have access to one-on-one therapy and coaching sessions through our partnership with Modern Health while Camper’s based in APAC and the UK have exclusive access to Sonder, which connects them with safety, medical and mental health professionals, and resources at the tap of a button. Not to mention our progressive accommodations policy which is easy to access, privacy forward, and gives the Camper full control.

Camp ID, our ERG for Camper’s with invisible and visible disabilities is hosting an event for its community members with special guest Dr. Matt Jarman. During the event, Dr. Jarman will discuss productivity and mental health; along with advocacy for support at work. There will be a special focus on how to incorporate these activities for individuals with ADHD and anxiety.

We recognize that a Camper’s physical, mental, and emotional health are interconnected. Through these resources and many more, we aim to create a supportive environment where employees can thrive personally and professionally.

Learn more about CultureAmp.


At Camunda, we deeply value and prioritize mental health with a remote work culture accommodating individual schedules. We actively combat the stigma surrounding mental health through awareness workshops and open dialogue. Camundi are empowered to recognize emotional well-being and support colleagues.

Camunda addresses all aspects of employee well-being: Physical, through fitness support; Social, through team collaboration and team-building activities; and Emotional, access to coaching and therapy via Modern Health, meditation resources via Headspace, and private Camunda-specific training via private circles.

Our commitment to mental health is further underscored by flexible time off and flexible working hours that allow a year-round focus on well-being.

Learn more about Camunda.

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Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace prioritizes employee well-being through a variety of resources. Employee Resource Groups and flexible work arrangements help to ease everyday stressors in addition to benefits like comprehensive health insurance and access to a variety of wellness apps like Sleepio and DayLight. We also encourage employees to use their vacation time and many sites have a holiday shutdown at the end of the year to allow employees time to rest and recharge. Finally, we have Healthy You fitness challenges which include incentives for completing milestones like taking a certain number of daily steps and many of our locations have fitness centers.

Learn more about Collins Aerospace.

Reddit, Inc.

Your mental well-being matters. At Reddit, our benefits are intentionally designed to support the mental health and well-being of all our employees. Our goal is to ensure our employees have the resources they need and can achieve a sense of balance.

By providing 12 paid sessions with licensed professionals through Lyra, we’re able to help employees find the personalized support they need.

In addition to Lyra, during our Wellness Month, we promote lunch and learn sessions to help employees understand their mental health benefits by spotlighting a new benefit each week. We also offer an “Up to Snoo” benefit for employees to use on mental and physical health resources, and to encourage a positive work-life balance.

Learn more about Reddit, Inc.


Autodesk supports our employees’ mental health and well-being by offering access to behavioral health care, an Employee Assistance Program, a mental telehealth app, and more. Our Autodesk MIND Network (Mental Inclusion, Neurodivergence, and Disability) employee resource group provides members with resources, support, and advocacy to support their mental health. Throughout the year, company-designated “Autodays” give most employees paid time off on the same day, making it easier for everyone to unplug and recharge. And year-round, our flexible, hybrid-first approach to work enables Autodeskers to work where they’re most productive.

Learn more about Autodesk.


Our Mental Health ERG (Employee Resource Group) is leading the charge with impactful initiatives this Mental Health Month. Led by Nicole Schroy (Partner Operations Specialist & ERG Leader) here’s what we have planned:

NAMIWalks San Diego: Advocating for mental health awareness and support.

PGx & Mental Health: Discussing how genomics influences mental health, including pharmacogenomic impact.

Mental Health Action Day: "Be Seen in Green" challenge, we'll be wearing green on May 16th (and maybe all month long!) to show solidarity and raise awareness.

ERG Member Forum: Addressing burnout and mental health, alongside highlighting valuable resources for our employees.

Learn more about Helix.

Collage of photos from "Mental Health Action Day 2024" at Helix showing various employees outside with their dogs in a park

Expedia Group

At Expedia Group, we support the whole you. The family you, the traveler you, the technologist you, the adventurer you. To do your best, you need to feel your best, and this inspires us to provide Expedians with rewards and benefits that support their wellbeing including:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Paid time off programs for vacation, holidays and illness
  • Parental leave
  • Bereavement leave globally for close family
  • Caregiving support through the Cleo app
  • Talkspace, a 24/7 online therapy service
  • Employee assistance program
  • Workplace accommodations
  • Wellness & travel reimbursement

Learn more about Expedia Group.

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Hitachi Energy

Hitachi Energy is supporting team members’ mental health and well-being by providing access to counselor conversations, support sessions, digital self-care, and prevention courses. We are also hosting a mental health event to support colleagues and family who may be having mental health challenges.

Learn more about Hitachi Energy.


Contentful values our team’s well-being and mental health, fostering a supportive workplace. Employees benefit from various initiatives and resources designed to provide tools and support for their mental well-being. This includes flexible work options, robust healthcare coverage encompassing mental health services, and regular check-ins with managers to address concerns.

Additionally, Contentful offers wellness programs such as an annual well-being budget, calm subscription and employee assistance programs to promote self-care and stress management. Prioritizing employee well-being cultivates a happier and healthier workforce and nurtures a culture of empathy, understanding, and support.

Learn more about Contentful.


Tackle’s culture empowers us to live by one of our core company values “Celebrate Wellness”. We are remote by design, so all Tacklers have the freedom to be their best selves and take advantage of our great wellness benefits. In order to make sure Tackle is truly celebrating Wellness we offer our employees monthly wellness reimbursements, unlimited PTO, and access to our partnership with Modern Health. Modern Health is a virtual mental health platform that provides our employees access to resources to be their best selves personally and professionally.

Learn more about Tackle.


At SoftwareOne, we understand the importance of mental well-being and actively promote it through various initiatives. For example, in the U.S., our unlimited time-off policy empowers our Swomies to take the time they need to recharge and maintain work-life harmony. Our leaders encourage taking time off and model this behavior to ensure it’s part of our culture. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) allows our employees and family members to access free, confidential, professional counseling services 24/7. Additionally, we offer Mental Health First Aid Training to equip our Swomies with the tools to manage a mental health crisis. SoftwareOne is committed to fostering a supportive and healthy work environment for our Swomies to thrive.

Learn more about SoftwareOne.

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Visa is a people-centric company, we invest in our employees with compelling benefits. Our Wellness Team’s mission is ‘To care for the whole unique you". A unified experience and approach tailored to reflect the diverse and individual needs of our employees globally. We are committed to supporting our employees’ emotional, physical, financial, and social well-being.

Here's a quick glance at our Well-being perks:

Benefits and Programming

  • Mental health benefits – through Modern Health for US and Optum for Latin America, Europe, CEMEA and Asia Pacific regions.
  • Monthly speaker series – we bring experts to Visa to discuss issues that affect our employees lives both inside and outside of work.
  • Visa has created a psychological safety hub where employees can find inspiration and resources. We also launched a Shareable Tools and Resources Hub where employees can find micro learnings that take as little as one, five or twenty minutes to share.

Well-being Community

  • Visa has a global Be Well Ambassador program with ambassadors across the globe serving as the voice of wellbeing in our organization and activate contests while sharing tips.

Well-being Hours and No Meeting Fridays

  • Globally we provide ‘Well-being Hours’ on Friday afternoons during the summer months and during months when Well-being Hours are not offered, we offer ‘No Meeting Friday’ Afternoons.
  • Visa invests in global benefits that our people love carefully designed with different life stages in mind.

Learn more about Visa.

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