10 Best (Global) Work-From-Home Friendly Cities

Best work from home friendly cities

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Did you know that 62% of the global workforce is remote?

That’s a lot! And it’s quite the increase from the pre-pandemic 19%.

It goes to show that remote work, whether hybrid or fully remote, has displayed its value to employers and employees alike. In fact, 91% of U.S. workers are hoping that remote work, or at least hybrid work, is here to stay.

Remote work may not be for everyone, but it provides unique benefits for many. And perhaps one of the most exciting things is that it offers the opportunity to choose where “home” is.

We've curated a list of cities around the world that offer some of the best environments for remote work. When selecting these cities, we focused on entertainment, nature and parks, language spoken, cost of living and safety, and, of course, internet speed.

So here are the 10 best work from home friendly cities to inspire you for your next adventure!

Madrid, Spain

Madrid was listed the top global capital city for remote work by the ETIAS blog this year.

Filled with beautiful architecture and rich in history, Madrid has just about everything a city lover could ask for. From museums and art galleries to hopping nightlife and bars, it’s no surprise that this romantic and bustling metropolis is a favorite for remote workers.

Average Internet Speed: 120 Mbps

Safety: High

Cost of Living (one person): $1,870/mo

Language(s) spoken: Spanish, some English

Tbilisi, Georgia

Although Tbilisi isn’t the most popular tourist destination, it is culturally rich and bursting with gorgeous architecture. This eye-catching city is perfect for remote workers who want to travel and explore new areas. This affordable location has a lot to offer between its many parks, delicious food, excellent shopping centers, hopping bars, and lovely views. For hiking and outdoor enthusiasts, the mountains are a short drive from the city, offering a moment of reprieve from this bustling metropolis.

Average Internet Speed: 27 Mbps

Safety: High

Cost of Living (one person): $1,002/mo

Language(s) spoken: Georgian, some English

Willemstad, Curaçao

Located on the Caribbean Sea, Willemstad is rich in history, diverse in culture, and filled with beautiful, historic architecture. It features an excellent art museum with works by Picasso, one of the largest UNESCO World Heritage Sites, gorgeous beaches, great nightlife, and plenty else to entertain.

Average Internet Speed: 10 Mbps

Safety: Moderate

Cost of Living (one person): $1,412/mo

Language(s) spoken: Papiamentu, Dutch, and English

Washington D.C., United States

Bursting with history and art, the sprawling city of Washington D.C. has it all in the form of entertainment, shopping, and culture. With a diverse population, multiple historical sites, museums, river rides, local shops, and breweries, there is always something to do in this hopping city.

Average Internet Speed: 121 Mbps

Safety: Moderate

Cost of Living (one person): $3,350/mo

Language(s) spoken: English

Prague, Czech Republic

From cafes and taverns to castles and cathedrals, this magical city drips with fairytale charm. And it’s this atmosphere that makes Prague a favorite destination for remote workers. Whether it’s the architecture, breweries, museums, art, music, or food, it’s hard not to feel enchanted with Prague.

Average Internet Speed: 104 Mbps

Safety: Very high

Cost of Living (one person): $1,521/mo

Language(s) spoken: Czech, German, Russian, and English

Bangkok, Thailand

A city of life, opportunity, adventure, and culture, Bangkok is a popular destination for remote workers from all around the globe. Constantly buzzing with energy, every turn in this city provides delicious street food, exciting nightlife, friendly locals, business opportunities, and shopping centers. In 2021, Bangkok ranked number one on the Nomad’s List top remote cities, and still remains a popular city for professionals with flexible work.

Average Internet Speed: 188 Mbps

Safety: Moderate

Cost of Living (one person): $1,194/mo

Language(s) spoken: Thai, some English

Lisbon, Portugal

The charming city of Lisbon has a little bit of something for everyone. This artistic, culturally rich city brimming with life, color, and beauty is the perfect destination for someone looking for a welcoming and vibrant work from home atmosphere. With friendly locals, lively markets, hopping nightlife, gorgeous beaches, and excellent museums, it’s no surprise that Lisbon made our list of best work from home cities.

Average Internet Speed: 109 Mbps

Safety: Very high

Cost of Living (one person): $1,498/mo

Language(s) spoken: Portuguese, some English

Budapest, Hungary

There is no finer city to enjoy a day off than the “Queen of the Danube” itself. Known for its springs, there are spas and baths located all over the city. From the Gellert Baths to Szechenyi Spa, there are countless means for relaxation once you’ve closed your laptop. Budapest has excellent nightlife, an international environment, a wide variety of cuisine, and plenty to see and do, making it an excellent environment for remote workers.

Average Internet Speed: 78 Mbps

Safety: High

Cost of Living (one person): $1,036/mo

Language(s) spoken: Hungarian, English

Gdansk, Poland

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gdansk is a city filled with history as old as the Middle Ages and as recent as World War II. It has magnificent and varied architecture from Gothic to Art Deco, gorgeous parks, excellent breweries, river tours, and exciting nightlife. This culturally rich and exciting city is the perfect work from home atmosphere.

Average Internet Speed: 90 Mbps

Safety: Moderate

Cost of Living (one person): $1,111/mo

Language(s) spoken: Polish, German, and English

Groningen, Netherlands

Groningen is a city of unique energy. Its modern, youthful nightlife, international crowds, cafes, stores, and abstract architecture blend seamlessly with its historical architecture and monuments, museums, and parks. For the outdoor enthusiast, it’s also located 15 minutes from the silence of nature and farmland. Groningen has a little bit to offer everyone, making it a wonderful city to work from home from.

Average Internet Speed: 103 Mbps

Safety: Very high

Cost of Living (one person): $1,885/mo

Language(s) spoken: Dutch, Nedersaksisch, and English

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