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Better Jobs With Companies that Care

Nov. 15 2017

Better Jobs With Companies that Care

If you have been avoiding your calendar (or just any and all things holiday), we hate to break it to you: next week marks the beginning of the holiday season. While we can't wait for turkey, crowded malls, and explaining to Grandma Jane for the upteenth time what we do for a living, let's get ourselves in a good mental state by taking some "me time". Whether that means going to the gym, taking a cool new class, or starting Black Edge (a book highly recommended by our president and cofounder Katharine Zaleski), we all deserve a little selfishness before the season of giving begins! Are you starting a cool new project this holiday season? Stay connected with us through the craziness and join our Facebook group- we'd love to hear from you!


Zendesk builds software to power customer relationships, but that's not the only power they produce. This benefit trounces all the others we've seen to date (and we've seen many): on-the-job napping, anyone? Providing ample PTO and comfy couches, you won't be getting behind-the-back side-eye here for catching a little snooze. Don't believe us? Check them out and see for yourself (along with a plethora of other hard-to-beat benefits, too!)

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Addepar - Client Support Analyst (Salt Lake City, UT)

American Express Company - Senior Engineer, Java (Phoenix, AZ)

Avant - Software Engineer (Chicago, IL)

Bloomberg LP - Developer Experience Hosted Services Engineer (New York, NY)

CenturyLink - General Manager (U.S.)

Dow Jones & Company - Application Developer (New York, NY)

Goldman, Sachs & Co - Software Developer (NY,NJ, TX, UT)

HearstLab - DevOps (New York, NY)

Hearst Newspapers - Frontend Developer (New York, NY)

HomeAway - Display & Paid Social Manager (Austin, TX)

Shopify Inc. - Content Strategist, Merchant Reporting (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

Time Inc. - Senior Developer (SDEII), Brand Engineering (New York, NY)

The Upside Travel Company LLC - Senior Full Stack Engineer (Washington, DC)

United Technologies Corporation - Reliability & Safety Engineer (Chula Vista, CA)

Viacom Inc. - Senior Manager, Business Analysis (New York, NY)

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