Inside the Cloud Go-To-Market Success Team at Tackle

Inside the Cloud Go-To-Market Success Team at Tackle

Unlock success with Tackle's Cloud Go-To-Market Success team 🚀

🎥 In this video, you’ll discover exclusive insights into the dynamic world of a cloud go-to-market success team.

Meet Jazmyn Durr, senior manager of cloud go-to-market success, and Chelsea Morgan, cloud go-to-market coach, as they share their expertise and passion for driving success in the SaaS industry 🌟 Don't miss out - watch until the end for valuable tips and career opportunities! 💼

On the Cloud Go-To-Market Success team at Tackle, the importance of fostering a positive work-life balance is well-understood. Tackle provides resources for physical and mental health support programs, ensuring team members are healthy, happy, and motivated to excel. Join an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated and every voice is heard! 🌟💪

Candidates exploring opportunities on the Cloud Go-To-Market Success team at Tackle can expect to be part of a vibrant community dedicated to revolutionizing cloud go-to-market strategies. With a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, Tackle fosters an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives. Joining Tackle means not only embarking on a career path filled with growth and innovation but also becoming part of a supportive team that values personal and professional development. 🚀🌈

Join Tackle’s Cloud Go-To-Market Success team - Apply today!

As a remote-first company, Tackle offers the flexibility to work from anywhere while making a significant impact in the rapidly evolving SaaS industry. Even more, Tackle provides exciting opportunities to grow, learn, and succeed in the dynamic world of cloud go-to-market success. 🌟👩💻

Whether you’re passionate about SaaS, eager for cloud jobs, or seeking new opportunities in customer success, Tackle is your ideal destination. To learn more, click here.

Get to Know Jazmyn and Chelsea

As a Sr. Manager, Cloud GTM Success, and Customer Success at, Jazmyn helps software companies transform how they sell their products in the AWS, Azure, and GCP marketplaces. If you are interested in a career at Tackle, you can connect with Jazmyn Durr and Chelsea Morgan on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to mention this video!

More About Tackle

Tackle enables software companies to accelerate and operationalize the use of Cloud Marketplaces like AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and Red Hat, without the need for significant engineering resources. Tackle’s platform and team come together to make it easier for customers to build, grow, and scale their Marketplace businesses. Tackle works with leading software companies like Auth0, CrowdStrike, HashiCorp, Lacework, New Relic, VMware, and many more at every stage—from startups to enterprises. The company recently raised a $100M Series C round and is backed by three of the world's top SaaS investors—Coatue, a16z, and Bessemer Venture Partners—as they continue to execute on their mission to positively transform the way that software is sold.

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