How To Pitch Your Story To The Media

Feb. 19th 2018

How To Pitch Your Story To The Media

Do you have a great idea for a piece that could be published? Learn how to pitch your story to the media from PowerToFly's CoFounder & President Katharine Zaleski who's writing has appeared in The New York Times, Elle, Forbes and who authored Fortune's most popular story of 2015.

Download our quick web training: How to Pitch Your Story to the Media so she can share what she's learned.

She'll tell you:

  • What to pitch
  • Who to pitch
  • How to tailor your pitch to a publication
  • The importance of timing and persistence
  • Tips on writing
  • How to find an editor
  • How to follow up on a submission
  • The best ways to promote your piece for television and beyond

Download it here and be sure to let us know what you think!

Are you interested in hosting your own webinar!? If you're a subject matter expert in tech, sales, marketing (and more) send us an email to hi@powertofly.com with your idea, and we'll be in touch!

Happy learning!

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