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Job Search Tips: What to Look For in Your Career Path

Job Search Tips: What to Look For in Your Career Path

💎 During your job search, a lot of questions may arise. Maybe you’ve reached the final stages of an application process with a company that doesn’t quite meet your needs. Yes, the offer may seem attractive, but… Do you ever stop and think about what you shouldn’t settle for in your career?

📼 Play this video to get three top job search tips on what not to settle for in your career. You'll hear from Bhawna Singh, SVP of Engineering, Jillian Weber, Director of Business Operations and Chief of Staff, and Chitra Dharmarajan, Sr. Director of Security Engineering, all from Auth0 (now a part of the Okta family!)

📼 Tip #1: Don't Settle For a Position that Won't Offer Growth and Challenge.

In your job search, and when evaluating a role, as Bhawna advises, look for how you can make an impact and what you can learn. For example, is there a challenge for you or an opportunity to try something new? In Bhawna's experience, this has allowed her to lean on multiple decades of experience to drive success strategies for her team and enact necessary change while charting a forward vision. Plus, she continues learning from her team's active investment in new products and features to help their customers. As Bhawna says, "When you are learning, you're growing."

📼 Tip #2: Don't Settle For a Career That Can't Adapt to Your Unique Life.

In your job search, and when evaluating a company to work for, there are several ways that a company's operating posture and benefits can either support or sabotage your lifestyle. Two essential indicators for Jillian are the "where" and the "when." Regarding the "where," since she's doing her job remotely, Jillian can grow her career without anchoring herself to an area or uprooting her family to move to an office location. She can do the things she loves in the place she loves. As for the "when," there are times when you will need to focus on work and times when you will need to be there for your home life and family. Looking back on her experience at Auth0, Jillian says, "I'm so grateful to be at Auth0, where our generous maternity leave policy enabled me to spend those first months with my daughter. There was never the need to choose either family or a career." The flexibility should allow your future career to feel like it will add great experiences to your life rather than keep you from them.

Job Search Tips - The Last Thing You Shouldn’t Settle For in Your Career

📼 Tip #3: Don’t Settle For a Place Where Your Voice Doesn’t Matter. Take Chitra’s experience as an example. “Auth0 is a remote-first company. It has built its culture and processes so that all voices can be heard, regardless of the distance. In Auth0, your voice matters,” Chitra says, adding, “We work with a diverse cross-geographical workforce, and synergy is driven through virtual collaboration tools. One team, one score is our value. This empowers us to build stronger trust within our teams and create an environment for open conversation. We know that if we are not making mistakes, we are not making progress. We believe growth comes from asking for help, learning something new every day, and taking action instead of standing in the sidelines. Resonating with our value: n+1 > n.”

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