Prepare For Your Interview! Meet Nacelle And The Company’s Core Values

Prepare For Your Interview! Meet Nacelle And The Company’s Core Values

💎Want to learn more about the company’s core values and how to align with them? Listen to Nacelle’s team members share some valuable insights. Watch the video to the end to make sure you don’t miss the interview tips that can help you land a job at Nacelle!

📼 Get ready to hear about Nacelle’s culture and the company’s core values, shared by their own team! Meet Madelyn Louipenn, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Nacelle; Drew Clements, Front-end Engineer at Nacelle; Courtney True, Product Designer at Nacelle and Elizabeth Harris, Senior Manager of Professional Services Team at Nacelle. Together, they will share everything you need to know to stand out in the interview process.

📼 The first of the company’s core values is continuous learning. The team at Nacelle is formed by curious individuals, who are often encouraging each other to step outside of their comfort zone and learn a new concept. Every Nacelle employee gets access to an online learning platform, whether it's learning a new programming language or expanding your knowledge in product marketing. There are endless opportunities for their employees to learn something new. As Courtney says, she’s worn so many hats at Nacelle that she’s gotten to see the company itself grow, which led her to a career path to also grow in as an individual.

📼To continue with the core values, the company’s team members stress the importance of strong teamwork skills. This is what has allowed the team at Nacelle to move fast, to hit their aggressive goals, and to allow for an extremely collaborative workspace, even while in a remote environment. Another important skill to strengthen teamwork is the ability to give feedback: giving kudos to your fellow teammates, and creating the space to express gratitude to them is a priority at Nacelle.

Ownership And Honesty Are The Company’s Final Core Values

Nacelle often empowers its employees to take ownership over their work, step outside their comfort zone, try something new and build something that they're passionate about.
Everyone at Nacelle brings a high level of honesty and integrity into everything they do. They hold themselves accountable, keep their word, and most importantly, they show up to work as their authentic selves, knowing that they can be honest with one another. During his interview process, Drew said, “I know what I’m doing, I just don’t interview well." He let the interviewers know ahead of time that he was going to be a nervous wreck, and they were very receptive!

Your interviews are a great time to ask more questions about the role and its expectations, and also to learn about your interviewers and their experience working at the company. That will allow you to understand how you fit into the larger Nacelle picture.

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Get to Know Madelyn, Drew, Courtney, and Elizabeth

With a degree in Psychology, one of Madelyn Louipenn’s biggest passions is helping others develop an understanding of their mental processes and guiding them to overcome blockers. Drew Clements’ passion is his job and he takes every project as an opportunity to learn and grow as creative. Courtney True has crafted websites and brands with visionaries in the social impact spaces such as energy & environment, health & wellness, social justice, scientific progress, arts & culture, education, and philanthropy. If you are interested in a career at Nacelle, you can connect with Madelyn, Drew, Courtney, and Elizabeth on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to mention this video!

More About Nacelle

Nacelle was built for technology-forward merchants drawn to the benefits of a headless architecture but dissatisfied with the costs and complexity associated with adoption. Leaders at, Boll & Branch, and Thinx use Nacelle to eliminate the typical maintenance costs and infrastructure complexities related to going headless while accelerating their time-to-market. Unlike traditional commerce solutions, their product is built on event-driven and elastic core technology optimized for flexibility, performance, and customization.

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