Our Second Monthly Challenge: Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal

For our second monthly challenge at PowerToFly, we're going to write down 5 things we're grateful for at the end of each day.

Our first challenge - put your phone down and pay attention - was all about trying to be more present by spending less time looking at a screen. This proved more challenging than I expected (full results from the team to come), but I still believe in the importance of de-prioritizing screen time, and re-prioritizing quality time.

Oprah and countless others have felt first hand how it reframes their outlook each day and helps them appreciate the world around them more.

Want to join us?

The goal for this challenge is simple: Write down five things (or more) each night that you're grateful for (they can be anything, but you HAVE to write them down!)

Before Feb. 1st:
  1. Buy a journal! (In the spirit of our last challenge, I'd recommend not keeping this list on your phone.)
  2. Decide when you'll write down what you're grateful for each night - right before bed? before you brush your teeth? Tip: Pick an essential part of your nightly routine, and commit to not doing it until after you've written in your gratitude journal - this will help integrate this with your existing routine and help you build the habit of journaling faster!
  3. Form an accountability system if you want. At PowerToFly, we'll be starting a Slack channel where people can share if they wrote in their journal last night, and maybe even share a few of the things they're grateful for from time to time.
Nightly During February
  1. Write down at least 5 things you're grateful for!
  2. Tally each day you missed on your calendar.
On March 1st:
  1. Assess - how many days did you successfully complete the challenge? What barriers stood in your way on the days you missed?
  2. Reflect - Reread all the things you were grateful for over the past 28 days (140+ if you successfully completed the challenge). What can you learn? Are there any common trends in what matters most to you? Do you notice any changes in the kinds of things you wrote down over time? Did you end up writing more than 5/night? Did your mood or mindset change over the course of the month?

Good luck!

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