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Remote Work Round-Up - June 19, 2017

Remote Work Round-Up - June 19, 2017

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, is a successful Bay-area start-up valued at over $1 billion dollars. They recently announced they were closing their San Francisco office and allowing all of their employees to work remotely. Why? Because on any given day, about only five employees would show up to their 14,000+ square foot space.

While Automattic boasts over 500 employees across 50 locations, the largest concentration of employees are based in San Francisco. However, that number is still relatively small: 30 employees.

According to Business Insider, Automattic is "completely set up for it: It gives employees a generous stipend to set up their home offices, meetings are held online, everything can be done via chat rooms, and the company pays for teams to travel anywhere in the world for when in-person time is needed."

Ultimately, Automattic felt there were more constructive things to spend their money on. But regardless of reasoning, it seems like remote is the way forward for Automattic.

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Gitlab - Director of Infrastructure

Gitlab - Director of Security

Gitlab - Production Engineer

Gitlab - Security Specialist

Gitlab - Senior Backend Developer, CI/CD Pipelines

Itavio - Mobile Applications Developer

Itavio - Systems Developer

Karat, Inc. - Expert Technical Interviewer

Karat, Inc. - Operations Support Specialist, Weekend

Karat, Inc. - Operations Support Specialist, Evenings

L3 Technologies - Supplier Quality Engineer, New York/New Jersey

L3 Technologies - Supplier Quality Engineer, Bay Area

Twilio - Solutions Architect

weeSpring - Design Freelancer

Zapier, Inc. - Infrastructure Engineer

Zapier, Inc. - Growth Product Manager

Zapier, Inc. - Data Engineer

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