[VIDEO 🎥 ] Top Tips: How to Think Like a Senior Product Designer

Watch time: 6:08

[VIDEO 🎥 ] Top Tips: How to Think Like a Senior Product Designer

📼 Breanna Clemens, Senior Product Designer at Headway, shares what she's learned during over a decade in the design field. Listen to her tips and prepare to take your career to the next level!

📼 Make sure to watch the video until the end so you don't miss all of Breanna's valuable professional advice!

📼 At Headway, the design team's communication style is all about asynchronicity. One key to success? Breanna recommends building a workflow that reduces the number of meetings; keep your clients involved but stay efficient and respectful of everyone's time. Watch the video to hear Breanna's two go-to tools for asynchronous communication in product design.

📼 Even more, Breanna makes a point of encouraging experimentation and change when possible. Make room for innovation in your projects as it'll go a long way in boosting your career in the ever-changing, fast-paced design industry.

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