Yes, Stay At Home Parents And Older People Are Being Actively Recruited - Here's Why

Yes, Stay At Home Parents And Older People Are Being Actively Recruited - Here's Why

Retirees and stay at home parents are just a couple of the previously untapped talent pools now sought by companies.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, companies are also reaching out to candidates with disabilities, waiving criminal background checks, scrapping excessive skills/educational requirements, and offering an abundance of perks like working from home and flexible hours to attract candidates.

So, what sparked this sudden interest in Diversity and Inclusion?

Alas, it wasn't a sudden realization that teams with diverse experiences really do perform better.

With the unemployment rate nearly at a 50-year low, companies are facing what they call "a talent crisis." #ItsTheEconomyStupid

Obviously, at PowerToFly, we're thrilled to hear about companies taking Diversity & Inclusion initiatives more seriously, but when the motive is as fickle as the economy and a trade-war with China is brewing, we have our doubts about whether these programs will last.

After all, similar policies adopted in the late 90s were swiftly abandoned when the dot-com bubble burst.

So, tell us what you think in the comments below — will companies maintain their D&I initiatives and recruiting programs if the economy takes a turn for the worse? Or if the job market favors employers once more, will they revert to their old practices?

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