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3 Tips on How to Transition Into New Roles From T. Rowe Price’s Aminah Nailor

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Aminah Nailor is not the kind of person that backs away from a challenge.

Whether it's learning a new coding language over one weekend or teaching herself a new application for a role, Aminah sticks to one motto: “Keep developing—Not just the skill set for the current job, keep developing yourself and be in a constant state of learning.”

After joining T. Rowe Price almost 4 years ago as a Business Systems Analyst, Aminah used her philosophy of constant learning to step into a new role as a Software Development Engineer in Test for the GBS-Distribution and Marketing Services - Individual Investor org.

Keep reading to hear more about Aminah’s experience embracing new professional opportunities and her advice for professionals transitioning into a new role.

Tip 1: Set clear goals and go after them

Before coming to T. Rowe Price, Aminah worked as a Business Systems Analyst for major companies in the telecommunications, finance, and broadcast media industries. In those roles she wrote requirements, identified risks, conducted application testing, gained big picture vision prowess, and project managed solution phases of software development projects.

Although all these roles had different scopes and demands, she used one strategy to excel: set clear goals. Setting goals and making a strategic plan for how to reach them can help you stay focused and excel in your career.

When talking specifically about engineering, she encourages people to “know what you want to do in the engineering job family. The options are plentiful, so know the skill set you want to have and master it.” Here, she highlights the importance of being in a constant state of learning. Paired with the next two tips, you can open up many professional opportunities.

Tip 2: Align with the company's goals

After 20+ years of experience in Business Systems Analysis, Aminah began to seek new opportunities in a company that shared a similar vision of professional and personal development. This led her to take an opportunity at T. Rowe Price— a move that would offer her the opportunity to learn new coding languages, earn certifications, and pivot into a new role. Outside of her BSA role, Aminah spent many hours engaged in community volunteer activities, taking on elected and appointed leadership opportunities along the way.

As a global investment management firm, T. Rowe Price is focused on helping clients achieve their long-term financial goals by strategic investing, an active management approach. Besides their rigorous field research and careful risk management, the firm credits the long-term success of their clients to the diversity of their employees. In 1937, the firm was founded by Thomas Rowe Price Jr. and four associates, two women and two men. This set the stage to continue growing their teams from all backgrounds, perspectives, talents, and experiences.

T. Rowe Price believes its success is linked to the success of the communities they reside in. Their community-based efforts come to life through financial support and associate volunteerism. T. Rowe Price wants to support people beyond the company and into the community, no matter who they are. This support to grow is what keeps her coming to work every day.

Tip 3: Be willing to learn

Transitioning from Business Analysis into Software Engineering is a major feat for anyone, but in true Aminah fashion, she didn’t back down from the challenge. With her eyes set on the opportunity, and the support of the firm, she picked up additional coding skills she would need to start test automation over a weekend. She also completed training in Selenium, which she paired with Python (another language that she learned at T. Rowe Price). Aminah’s tenacity and constant willingness to learn equipped her with the tools she needed to thrive in her new role.

Her responsibilities now include testing automation, writing scripts, working with developers, and supporting the 18 tools and applications that drive success to the company's customer experience. One specific application Aminah supported was SureTrack (now Asset Transfer), which converts clients from other financial service companies and facilitates the transition of accounts and fund transfers.

Apart from this major project, T. Rowe Price is continually investing in Digital Excellence and Data Programs that help meet the clients’ objectives. As of 2022, 60% of their technology budget is set aside for this purpose. The six major programs for this year boast the latest technology and are specific to digital excellence, advisory services, data activation, associate platforms, a new tiered benefits program, and growth enablement.

Paired with the excellent research and performance of T. Rowe associates, each of these programs support clients as they navigate investment options. Aminah further reiterates this as she was selected to be part of a team put together to work on the implementation of an internal asset allocation tool, initially rolled out in Q4 of 2021. This tool is planned to expand and become an external facing tool later this year.

T. Rowe Price is committed to finding the best talent from all backgrounds. If you want to know more about how you could fit in at T. Rowe Price, check out their tech event “Engage, Enable & Elevate”, fully led by technologists like Aminah.
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