How it started... How it's going, with Cecelia Myers

Photo of CDW's Cecilia Myers, vice president of digital, with quote saying, "We are at a moment where technology will let us do more than ever before, and being at such a fascinating juncture is so energizing."

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Meet Cecelia Myers! As the Vice President of Digital, Cecelia is committed to building a team central to CDW’s digital transformation. With responsibilities ranging from Product Management of and Rubi to increasing engagement with digital experiences, she’s proud to work alongside her curious and passionate team, who bring a product mindset and approach to the wider CDW teams.

How it started

Growing up in Goshen, Indiana, as an only child, Cecelia’s first job was as a lifeguard, which she did for multiple summers. During her first job, she learned how to stay focused while being extremely bored — and vowed to ensure her career path didn’t require that skill. “I can safely say it does not. I am never, ever bored,” said Cecelia.

From there, Cecelia attended Indiana University for her undergraduate degree in English Literature, which she swears is unfairly branded as useless. “Quick information synthesis and constructing an argument are underrated corporate superpowers that the humanities does a great job preparing people for.” After graduating, she pursued her Master’s of Engineering, Product Design and Development at Northwestern University. She married her high school sweetheart, who also grew up in Goshen, and has two adorable children, Ben and Phoebe, and an elderly dachshund, Oscar.

Cecelia started her journey with CDW in 2019 leading Product and Design in the eCommerce team. The team has since evolved to become the Digital team and she feels confident that she joined CDW at the right time. “I had the luck of coming to CDW right as we started transforming and investing in our customer-facing digital experience in a big way. It’s been so exciting to watch the strategy grow and give our customers and sellers new ways to communicate and collaborate,” she said.

How it’s going

Since Cecelia joined CDW in 2019, her team has grown exponentially. At the same time, the digital experience has become integral to CDW’s approach to its customers. “The passion and excitement of the Digital, Design and Tech teams is channeled into creating things that are really impactful for our customers and sellers, and I feel lucky to work with and lead such an amazing team,” said Cecelia.

In her professional life, Cecelia is proud to have built and to lead a team where people treat each other with kindness as they push hard to do better things together. She feels that collaboration and camaraderie create a culture where respectful debate and a focus on constant improvement are energizing versus wearing a team down. “I emphatically believe that you can push each other to be better without being combative.”

Personally, she’s devoted time to working with Lymphoma Research Foundation to support their outstanding work in lymphoma research and patient support. While at CDW, Cecelia was diagnosed with lymphoma and continued working through treatment. “Supporting those who find themselves in this situation is something I feel lucky to do, whether through working with LRF, in CDW BRGs or in being a peer buddy for professionals dealing with treatment,” said Cecelia.

Looking to the future, Cecelia is excited to help customers of all kinds achieve more with CDW’s leading-edge digital experience. “We are at a moment where technology will let us do more than ever before, and being at such a fascinating juncture is so energizing,” she said.

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