PowerToFly Virtual Events (Diversity Reboot, Virtual Job Fair, and Chat & Learn) Honorarium Policy

Diversity Reboot (Summits and Virtual Job Fair) Honorarium Policy - EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2022 (Revised MARCH 2023)

Chat & Learn Honorarium Policy - EFFECTIVE JULY 2022 (Revised MARCH 2023)

PowerToFly’s Diversity Reboot Summits, Virtual Job Fairs, and Chat & Learns are free for all attendees. In alignment with our mission, it’s important our non-Partner speakers are compensated for the time and energy spent extending their expertise to PowerToFly. Speakers, not bound by alternative Partnership Agreements, have the option to receive a $250 honorarium for successful participation in our virtual events should the event be shared by the participating speaker/speakers’ organization. Sharing includes, but is not limited to: promotion on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, etc.), inclusion in a newsletter, message in a public group/ community, or similar marketing effort. Proof of promotion is required to receive the honorarium.

Speakers with alternate Partnership Agreements (which can include but are not limited to quid-pro-quo speaking, pay-per registrant partnerships, list sharing, sponsors/clients, etc.) may not be eligible for this honorarium but could be eligible for other compensation based on the initial agreement. Please refer to your Partnership Agreement and/or reach out to your point of contact for additional clarity.

Speakers participating in PowerToFly's Chat & Learn program will receive an honorarium of $250 once per year regardless of the number of talks they participate in but will be eligible for additional compensation including access to the registration list and a pay-per registrant incentive, depending on conversations with the PowerToFly team. Non-Partner speakers at PowerToFly's summits will be eligible for the $250 honorarium for each summit talk as well as pay-per registrant incentive but will not be able to receive access to the registrant list unless a separate agreement has been reached with PowerToFly. Compensation specifics can be discussed with your contact at PowerToFly and all compensation is subject to change based on specific conversations with the PowerToFly team and are subject to pre-existing Partnership Agreements that may alter the above.

We acknowledge that not everyone will want or have the ability to receive an honorarium, therefore speakers will have the option to donate their honorarium to that month’s charity/organization (pre-determined by PowerToFly), or to refuse the honorarium altogether.

Payments will be sent out by the close of the first week in the month following your speaking engagement.

Please note that PowerToFly does not allow for pre-recorded talks unless specific arrangements are made with the PowerToFly team via summit@powertofly.com/livechat@powertofly.com in advance and confirmed with written communication from a PowerToFly team member.

Speakers acknowledge that each talk will be recorded and that recording is the property of PowerToFly. Speakers grant PowerToFly permission to use their likeness, image, voice, and/or appearance as such may be embodied in any photos, video recordings and the like. Speakers agree that PowerToFly can use said material for any purpose consistent with PowerToFly’s mission(s). These uses include, but are not limited to, videos, publications, advertisements, news releases, websites, and any promotional or educational materials. The recording of each talk will be available and accessed for free on PowerToFly’s website in perpetuity. PowerToFly will provide speakers a link to their recording once it is posted on the PowerToFly website which Speakers are encouraged to share with their community. Speakers will not receive additional compensation if their talk is rewatched, rebroadcast, included in a future summit, shared on social media or in a newsletter, etc. Raw files of recordings cannot be supplied to speakers unless by specific arrangement with PowerToFly.

Payments will be issued via a third-party system so PowerToFly only needs the speaker’s email address to complete the payment (no further banking information is required). Please note that this policy will not be applicable to speakers from Summit, Virtual Job Fair, or Chat & Learn sponsors or official partners (with a signed Partnership Agreement) and other exceptions may apply that are subject to privileged and confidential conversations with the PowerToFly team.

In order to receive the payment, speakers must adhere to the following:

  • Complete a Typeform that you will be sent prior to the virtual event confirming your email address and indicating whether you would like to receive the honorarium, have PowerToFly donate the honorarium or if you will be refusing the honorarium. Please note: The form must be completed before the conclusion of the event unless you have emailed summit@powertofly.com/livechat@powertofly.com to make alternative arrangements and have received written confirmation from a PowerToFly team member.
  • IMPORTANT - Payments will be sent out by the close of the first week in the month following your speaking engagement.
  • Payment will be sent via the third-party service Giftly. If you do not receive an email from Giftly, please check your spam folder and if you still do not see it, please email summit@powertofly.com/livechat@powertofly.com.
  • In order to be eligible for the payment, you must arrive within the predetermined time for your talk including the pre-live time in our virtual green room.
  • If you fail to promote the event within your network or social accounts, you will be deemed ineligible for the honorarium. PowerToFly will provide promotional materials ahead of time. PowerToFly may request screenshots to prove the promotion was made.
  • If you fail to respond to the PowerToFly team within 48 hours of receiving an email when confirming logistics and specifics for your talk, you will be removed from the event and you will be deemed ineligible for the honorarium.
  • If you do not attend your talk and/or you are more than 5-minutes late for your talk, you will be deemed ineligible for the honorarium.
  • If you experience extreme video and/or audio issues during your talk to the point that the talk can not continue, you will be deemed ineligible for the honorarium however the PowerToFly team will work with you to find a time to remount or record your talk at a separate time at which point you will be eligible for the honorarium.
  • If your talk or any additional communication during your talk breaks PowerToFly’s Code of Conduct (see below), you will be deemed ineligible for the honorarium.
  • If the PowerToFly team learns of or observes inappropriate behavior or exchanges that go against the mission of our company prior to your talk, you will be asked to not speak at the event and you will be deemed ineligible for the honorarium.

Code of Conduct:

Thank you for joining us at PowerToFly’s virtual events. We welcome an open discussion; however, to ensure our event meets the highest level of ethical conduct, professionalism, and service we ask you to be kind and thoughtful in your interactions with both your fellow speakers and our attendees. This includes not participating in any actions the PowerToFly team would perceive as bullying, discriminatory, or harassment. If you do not abide by this code of conduct, you will be removed from both your talk and the summit/Virtual Job Fair/Chat & Learn as a whole. Thank you for understanding and for helping us make this event a positive experience for all involved.

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