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Are You Nervous to Negotiate a Higher Salary? Follow These Tips and Learn How to Do It!

Are You Nervous to Negotiate a Higher Salary? Follow These Tips and Learn How to Do It!

💎Being nervous to negotiate a raise in your wage is not unusual. Watch the video to the end to know how to approach the negotiation stage the best way possible.

📼If you feel nervous to negotiate your salary, remember that if you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Play this video to get three top tips to learn negotiation skills. You'll hear from Mary Giles, Senior Technical Recruiter at CHG Healthcare, who has picked up the tips she shares in her 10 years of being a recruiter.

📼Avoid being nervous to negotiate by knowing what you want. Tip #1: Set Your Expectations. Ask about the salary range for the role you applied for in the initial screening with the recruiter and give your minimum requested salary. Most companies have a budget that they need to stay within, and it's better to be on the same page about that before moving forward in the process.

📼Feeling nervous to negotiate? Get backup data! Tip #2: Research Average Salary. Educate yourself on the average salary for your position. and Glassdoor are great resources for you to see where your years of experience and skillset might put you in terms of salary.

You Won’t Feel Nervous To Negotiate If You Have Solid Reasons - Tip #3: Give Your Why

During the negotiation, give your “why”. When you're negotiating a new salary, there are a lot of people involved in the negotiation: the compensation team, the hiring team, and HR, and they all want a reason why they should offer you a higher salary. Are there any certifications you have that bring value? Maybe you worked on a project in your previous role that brings direct experience to an initiative this team is working on. So you'd be able to make an immediate impact. Don't forget to mention these things in your negotiation!

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Get to Know Mary Giles

She is an experienced talent acquisition specialist with a demonstrated history of working in healthcare and higher education. If you are interested in a career at CHG Healthcare, you can connect with Mary Giles on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to mention this video!

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