Instant Replay: Navigating Remote Jobs

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Navigating remote jobs can feel like exploring a jungle without a map: overwhelming, tricky, and scary. How can I land a remote job? Isn’t it just just a click away?

Don’t worry, intrepid explorer! We’re here to help you explore the wild world of remote jobs. PowerToFly has been conversing with professionals, companies, and remote work virtuosos for a decade, and we've collected a treasure trove of tips and tricks along the way. So, whether you are currently searching for a remote job or about to transition to one, you can always come to us for advice.

We understand that the journey to remote work success can be…challenging. There are skills to master, obstacles to overcome, and new habits to form. With practical guidance and resources, you can smoothly navigate this landscape with confidence and finesse.

1. Pioneering remote work at a non-remote company

Are you annoyed with your daily commute but don't want to quit your current job? Or are you applying for a new position, but your health makes traveling difficult? Working remotely might be possible, even at companies that currently offer only non-remote opportunities. Sacha Connor shares her story from when she successfully pioneered remote work at a non-remote company. Check out how she unlocked this milestone!

2. Tips & tricks to stand out in virtual presentations

In modern business, virtual presentations have become increasingly important. When giving a presentation in a webinar, business meeting, or onboarding session, we must be able to effectively interact and communicate with the attendees through the screen in front of us. Lorraine K. Lee provides some guidelines for overcoming our fears and how to present a compelling and engaging virtual presentation in this conversation.

3. Understanding digital nomadism

People who operate remotely from anywhere in the world utilizing technology and the internet are known as digital nomads. Companies can offer a diverse, inclusive, and accessible workplace to remote workers. PowerToFly was delighted to speak with one of the leaders at the forefront of the digital nomad movement, Gonçalo Hall, CEO of NOMADX. Take a sneak peek into what has to say about the future of work, how to make locations more accessible, attractive, and impactful for remote workers, and how to build talent attraction strategies that serve today's workers.

4. Fostering inclusive workplaces

No company can thrive without a cooperative and harmonious team. This is particularly true for remote and hybrid teams where workers don't interact as much as they might in an in-office environment. Companies can focus on making sure their remote workers feel valued and supported through consistent motivation and inclusion. Limor Bergman offers essential insights for creating an environment where everyone feels valued and supported. This talk will assist leaders in promoting inclusivity and belonging.

5. Remote work: a key to diversity

Diversity gives rise to innovation, and innovations lead to growth. Remote teams can be a practical way to diversify your business, as it allows you to hire people from different backgrounds regardless of their location. Learn more about diversity in remote hiring here. This talk will also explain:

  • how remote-first work can decentralize wealth and build stronger local communities;
  • how to create space for new, innovative businesses to grow;
  • how we can advance what it means to be a global citizen in today’s world;
  • how you can support the work-life balance that is desperately lacking in so many industries and
  • How can the gender pay gap be closed in business?

6. Expanding the horizons of remote work

The adaptability to remote working might be challenging for many companies, but not impossible. To build an ecosystem of remote workers, businesses must first understand its positive economic impact. It also helps businesses to find talent in areas where qualified workers might be looking for remote work but also need more local job options. Join Nacho, a passionate advocate for the remote worker ecosystem, for this conversation on remote, distributed, and hybrid work styles.

Final thoughts

By now, we know it takes more than just managing Zoom calls and meeting deadlines to operate remotely. It's about designing a way of life that combines personal fulfillment with productivity. Though it presents unique difficulties, working remotely also opens up opportunities, and we’re here to help you at every turn. Keep checking back for further events, tools, and helpful advice to help you succeed in working remotely.

Together, let's make remote work enjoyable and fulfilling! The possibilities are infinite when PowerToFly is on your side!

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