What’s Working, What’s Needed: Learn More About Our Speakers & Sponsors

What’s Working, What’s Needed: Learn More About Our Speakers & Sponsors

Learn more about the speakers and sponsors that contributed to our March 2022 virtual summit, Diversity Reboot: What’s Working, What’s Needed; 3 days of fireside chats, panel discussions, networking sessions, and a 2-day virtual job fair.

Last week, we welcomed leaders across various industries to share their experiences, insights, and expertise as to how we can all improve, in all facets in the workplace and beyond. In case you missed it, you can relive the entire experience on our site


"Dismantling White Supremacy Requires Many To Cede Power"youtu.be

"When The Big Thing Happens, We Leap"youtu.be

The Nuances Of Who We Are Enrich Our Workyoutu.be

"Paid Leave Should Be A Human Right"youtu.be

Education for Allyoutu.be

"When I'm in a space, I'm going to wake it up"youtu.be

A HUGE thank you goes out to our sponsors who helped bring this event to life: Freddie Mac, Guru, Collins Aerospace, Spectrum, Cummins, CDW, Enersys, Raytheon Technologies, UnitedHealth Group, ServiceNow, Pacific Western Bank, Mindbody, Meta, American Express and MMCA.

Author's Corner: Check Out The Work Of The Amazing Authors Featured In Our March 2022 Summit

The Science of Stuck: Britt Frank

Ladies Get Paid: Claire Wasserman

Politics of Promotion & Not Done Yet - Bonnie Marcus

The Good Boss - Kate Eberle Walker

Back On The Career Track - Carol Fishman Cohn

100,000 First Bosses - Will Haskell

Pay Up: The Future Of Women And Work, Brave Not Perfect, Girls Who Code, Women Who Don’t Wait In Line - Reshma Saujani

Enough About Me - Richard Lui

The Calling & Making Money, Making Change - Rha Goddess

The Educator's Guide to LGBT+ Inclusion: A Practical Resource for K-12 Teachers, Administrators, and School Support Staff, Creating an LGBT+ Inclusive Workplace: The Practical Resource Guide for Business Leaders, Creating an Lgbt+ Inclusive University: A Practical Resource Guide for Faculty and Administrators - Dr. Kryss Shane

Time Momagent - Marisa Lonic

Collect The Cash - Dee Bowden

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